Laura T. Simeoni, CPA, CA, CIA, CRMA

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Laura Simeoni began training and consulting over 25 years ago and has maintained her passion and interest in continuous learning. Laura is the principal owner and director of SySim Consulting Ltd. which specializes in professional development, training and education. Laura trains accounting students to prepare for professional accounting examinations and to prepare audit files for work in both public practice and industry. Laura teaches in the new CPA program.

Laura was responsible for updating and delivering the professional development course entitled “Professional Risk Management – A Practical Perspective”. Laura continues to deliver the File Review Methodologies course as well as other courses that focus on risk management and internal controls.

From 2005 – 2007 Laura worked for RBC – Internal Audit where she assumed the role of Director- Professional Audit Standards. Prior to 2005, Laura consulted to RBC's internal audit department. As director, she oversaw a team that wrote audit methodologies, delivered training material and performed quality control reviews for audit files. During this time Laura earned her Certified Internal Audit designation and most recently earned her Certificate in Risk Management Assurance.

Laura is a part-time instructor at the Schulich School of Business at York University. At Schulich, Laura teaches accounting and auditing classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level.