Jeff Harrison, CPA, CMA

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Jeff Harrison has been an indirect tax practitioner for over 26 years. He currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan as a senior manager with MNP LLP as part of their national indirect tax service line. He spent over 7 years as a GST auditor with the Canada Revenue Agency, starting when the GST was first introduced in 1991. He has spent the next 19 years in public practice working in some of the largest accounting firms specializing in indirect taxes, including provincial sales tax.

Jeff is from Saskatchewan and serves clients of all types and sizes in most industry sectors including mining & energy, financial services, retail, manufacturing, non-profit/charity, among others. He is an experienced practitioner who can work with complex transactions and determine innovative and practical strategies to applying legislation. He serves clients throughout Saskatchewan as well as other parts of Canada. He has written numerous articles and presented on sales taxes to many organizations over the years to promote a better understanding of the sales taxes.