Christine Gagnon

With more than 25 years of experience in management, Christine holds the first diploma ever awarded in synergology and is the founder of one of the few existing enterprises in synergology offering services to the business world. She has taught synergology since 2004 and is now considered an expert in nonverbal communication. Christine is also the only specialist in America to train synergologists, alongside Philippe Turchet, founder of synergology.

She is vice-president and associate at the Institut Québécois de Synergologie, associate at Les Éditions Propulsion and she also holds the post of vice-president of the Association Québécoise de Synergologie. Author of a report entitled “The mouth in its many shapes and forms,” she also is coauthor of the book To Catch a Lie and does frequent media appearances.

Christine has also received training on interrogation and is now accredited by the Institute of Analytic Interviewing of California. In her training sessions, she appeals to the basic principles of synergology and teaches her students to adapt a non-confrontational approach, which lies at the core of analytical interviewing.

Her teaching career is equally varied: she is frequently invited to give lectures and workshops about synergology at various universities in different departments. Christine has given over 12,000 hours of training to several firms in different sectors of industry (such as the Bar of Quebec [2004-2015], National Defence and the Canadian Forces, Service de police de Montréal and several government ministries).