Chantal Hébert

Chantal is a national affairs writer with The Toronto Star, a guest columnist for L’Actualité, and a weekly participant on the political panel At Issue on CBC TV’s The National. A prolific journalist who is passionate about Canadian politics―particularly in relation to Quebec―Chantal speaks with authority and passion on public policy and other matters of national importance.

Chantal began her media career in 1975 at the regional television and radio newsroom of the French language arm of the CBC, Radio-Canada. She eventually became its reporter covering provincial politics at Queen’s Park. After Radio-Canada appointed her to cover federal politics on Parliament Hill, she worked as bureau chief for Le Devoir and La Presse, before moving on to her current roles. She is also a regular participant in a number of French-language television and radio current affairs programs and is a senior fellow at Massey College, University of Toronto. Chantal was the 2005 recipient of APEX’s Public Service Citation as well as the 2006 recipient of the Hyman Solomon award for excellence in journalism and public policy. She is also a member of the Order of Canada.