Allison McManus, CPA, CA

Allison is a partner, Accounting Advisory and Department of National Practice (National Office) at KPMG. She is one of the foremost experts in Canada on revenue recognition issues under IFRS 15. Allison leads and advises on numerous IFRS 15 implementation projects in Canada and globally. As the former IASB project lead on the development of IFRS 15, Allison is a highly sought-after resource for companies in their implementation projects.

As a leading advisor on revenue-related issues at KPMG, Allison gained significant exposure to complex revenue transactions under IFRS across a variety of industries and geographies. She is the Canadian representative on KPMG’s Global Revenue Recognition Topic Team and a member of KPMG Canada’s Revenue Recognition Technical Topic Team. Allison also regularly contributes to KPMG’s publications on accounting updates, and is one of the lead authors of the KPMG publication “Revenue for Telecoms.”

Allison is a recognized speaker at Canadian and global conferences, including the 2015 annual CPA conference in Toronto. She has also regularly presented to stakeholders around the world.

Allison assists numerous clients in their implementation of IFRS 15, both in Canada and globally. She either leads these projects, acts as a key team member, or is the technical resource for the team. She advises on complex issues and industry practice, all with the objective of reaching conclusions effectively and efficiently, and finding practical solutions that can be implemented. Some of these implementation projects are among the largest in Canada.