Ajay M. Pangarkar CTDP, CPA, CMA

Ajay is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) and a Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP). Internationally, many consider him a “Workforce Revolutionary,” re-thinking and re-visioning workforce and employee performance management.

Ajay is a three-time published author with John Wiley & Sons, recently publishing his third book endorsed by Dr. David Norton (co-founder of The Balanced Scorecard), titled The Trainer’s Balanced Scorecard: A Complete Resource for Linking Learning and Growth to Organizational Strategy.

He is a multi award-winning author, receiving the 2014 and 2015 prestigious TrainingIndustry.com Readership and Editors’ Award for Editor’s Choice, and was in the Top 10 for most-read articles. He is a sought-after writer and contributor for many worldwide leading workforce and HR publications.

Founder of CentralKnowledge and an award-winning performance strategist, he was recognized by Training magazine’s 2008 Project of the Year for his work with Apple Inc. in helping AppleCare become Consumer Reports #1 in worldwide customer service. Ajay’s versatility in addressing performance and employee development expertise allows him to work with leading organizations in a variety of industry segments. He works closely with many Global and Fortune 1000 companies regarding strategic aligning of their workforce and specific performance matters.

Ajay is sought out by international media and is a regular workforce performance expert and commentator for Bell Media’s #1 Montreal Talk Radio CJAD 800AM morning show.