Text and information functions in Excel: It’s not all about the numbers

Learn the most valuable text and information functions in Excel so you can create more complete financial models.

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Harness the power tools of Excel with Text and information functions: It’s not all about the numbers. A comprehensive tool for creating full financial models and supporting sound decision making, Excel is essential for top performance in your accounting practice. This online course explains the five most useful text functions within Excel, as well as many other complementary functions.

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You will learn about:

  • using Excel’s function library to:
    • split textual data apart
    • manipulate it
    • replace portions
    • put it back together by formulae
  • key informational functions for evaluating and responding correctly to errors in routine Excel calculations
  • using the Hyperlink function to create navigational menus inside an Excel worksheet

Who should attend?

  • advanced Excel users
  • IT professionals
  • business intelligence educators
  • consultants
  • financial analysts

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Session Descriptions


Information functions
• What We Will Cover
• Information Functions
• The INFO() Function
• What Have We Done

Text functions
• 5 Very Useful Text Functions - Part 1
• 5 Very Useful Text Functions - Part 2
• What Have We Done

Finding specific characters
• Finding Specific Characters
• Creating Mail Merge Data
• Extracting Name and Address
• Extracting Mid-Field Text - Part 1
• Extracting Mid-Field Text - Part 2
• What Have We Done

Manipulating text with functions
• Manipulating Text With Functions
• Using the SUBSTITUTE() Function
• Using the REPLACE() Function
• What Have We Done

• Creating Customer Upload Fields
• Creating Customer Numbers Using Functions
• Using the CODE() and CHAR() Functions
• Sneaky Use of the CHAR() Function

Creating hyperlinks
• Creating Hyperlinks
• Creating a Navigation Bar - Part 1
• Creating a Navigation Bar - Part 2
• What Have We Done

Cleaning data
• Cleaning Data
• Looking Up Customer Balances
• Using the TRIM() Function
• Using the CLEAN() Function
• What Have We Done

Guarding against errors
• Guarding Against Errors
• Error Types
• #DIV/0! Errors
• Dealing With Errors
• What Have We Done

• In Review
• Conclusion
• Final Quiz


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