Introduction to PivotTables in Excel

This is the agenda for Table of Contents
Table of Contents


PivotTables basics

• What We Will Cover
• PivotTables Basics
• PivotTable Compliant Data Sources
• Creating a Basic PivotTable
• Creating a Basic PivotTable - Part 2

Formatting PivotTables

• Formatting PivotTables
• Creating an Expense Report
• Formatting the Expense Report PivotTable
• Finalizing the Expense Report PivotTable

Excel tables

• Excel Tables
• Sales Report Analysis with PivotTables
• Modifying Source Data
• Formatting the Sales Report
• Completing the Sales Report Analysis

Slicing and dicing your data

• Intro to Slicing Data
• Slicing Data
• Data Slicer Tools
• Linking Slicers to Multiple PivotTables

Connecting to databases

• Connecting to Databases
• Importing Data Sources
• Using PivotTables to Refine Data
• Consolidating Your Data Table
• Formatting Large Data Sets
• Slicing Large Data Sets
• Refreshing and Drilling Down from Databases


• In Review
• Conclusion
• Final Quiz