Introduction to PivotTables in Excel

Improve your ability to create and work with PivotTables so that you can more effectively summarize, analyze and present financial data.

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PivotTables are a powerful data summarization tool within Excel that can help you add tremendous value to your financial spreadsheets. This online course will teach you:

  • how to build intelligent, flexible summary tables to streamline reporting on frequently changing data
  • how PivotTables work
  • how to create a PivotTable
  • how to flip your data into alternate views and slice and dice it for deeper mining
  • how to use this tool to easily determine your business’ highest sales revenue or the lowest sales item for a specific quarter within the same PivotTable, without having to move around to different spreadsheets or workbooks

In addition to the insights and techniques you will learn, you will also gain a free ebook upon registration.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • laying out data in Excel
  • creating PivotTables
  • modify existing PivotTables
  • sorting and filtering PivotTables to examine data from different angles
  • creating and using Slicers to explore PivotTable data

Who should attend?

  • advanced Excel users
  • IT professionals
  • business intelligence educators
  • consultants
  • financial analysts

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Session Descriptions


PivotTables basics
• What We Will Cover
• PivotTables Basics
• PivotTable Compliant Data Sources
• Creating a Basic PivotTable
• Creating a Basic PivotTable - Part 2

Formatting PivotTables
• Formatting PivotTables
• Creating an Expense Report
• Formatting the Expense Report PivotTable
• Finalizing the Expense Report PivotTable

Excel tables
• Excel Tables
• Sales Report Analysis with PivotTables
• Modifying Source Data
• Formatting the Sales Report
• Completing the Sales Report Analysis

Slicing and dicing your data
• Intro to Slicing Data
• Slicing Data
• Data Slicer Tools
• Linking Slicers to Multiple PivotTables

Connecting to databases
• Connecting to Databases
• Importing Data Sources
• Using PivotTables to Refine Data
• Consolidating Your Data Table
• Formatting Large Data Sets
• Slicing Large Data Sets
• Refreshing and Drilling Down from Databases

• In Review
• Conclusion
• Final Quiz


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