Formulas and functions: Introduction to Excel

This is the agenda for Table of Contents
Table of Contents


Formula Basics

• What We Will Cover
• Formula Basics
• Using Ranges

Function basics

• Function Basics
• Using Ranges in Functions
• Function Basics Pt. 2
• Five Common Functions
• Logic Functions
• Logic Functions Pt. 2

Case study #1: Analyzing the weekly sales reports

• Analyzing The Weekly Sales Reports
• Continuing the Weekly Sales Report
• Extracting High’s and Low’s of the Weekly Sales Reports

Case study #2: Building an income forecast

• Building An Income Forecast
• Completing the Income Forecast

Case study #3: Building a cash flow statement

• Building A Cash Flow Statement
• Continuing to Build the Cash Flow Statement
• Financing Aspects of the Cash Flow Statement
• Continuing Financing Aspects and Completing the Cash Flow Statement

Case study #4: Building a projected balance sheet

Building A Projected Balance Sheet


• In Review
• Conclusion
• Final Quiz