Formulas and functions: An introduction to the power of Excel

Discover a wide range of powerful tools within Excel to maximize the functionality and impact of your financial spreadsheets.

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The more you know about Excel formulas and functions, the better equipped you will be to present financial information in meaningful ways. This online course delves into a beginner’s level of formulas, and shows you how to take Excel from a static sheet of paper to a dynamic calculator with simple formulas to sum up columns and rows.

You will learn how to build spreadsheets for inventory analysis, income forecasting and cash flow and balance. You’ll be able to follow allow along with extensive course resources, ebooks and practical examples, all of which will be yours to keep.

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2 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the difference between Excel formulas and functions
  • creating simple formulas, including those that use ranges as inputs
  • the differences between absolute and relative cell referencing
  • using functions within formulas
  • the concept of nesting formulas
  • basic uses of mathematical and logical functions

Who should attend?

  • advanced Excel users
  • IT professionals
  • business intelligence educators
  • consultants
  • financial analysts

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Session Descriptions


Formula Basics
• What We Will Cover
• Formula Basics
• Using Ranges

Function basics
• Function Basics
• Using Ranges in Functions
• Function Basics Pt. 2
• Five Common Functions
• Logic Functions
• Logic Functions Pt. 2

Case study #1: Analyzing the weekly sales reports
• Analyzing The Weekly Sales Reports
• Continuing the Weekly Sales Report
• Extracting High’s and Low’s of the Weekly Sales Reports

Case study #2: Building an income forecast
• Building An Income Forecast
• Completing the Income Forecast

Case study #3: Building a cash flow statement
• Building A Cash Flow Statement
• Continuing to Build the Cash Flow Statement
• Financing Aspects of the Cash Flow Statement
• Continuing Financing Aspects and Completing the Cash Flow Statement

Case study #4: Building a projected balance sheet
Building A Projected Balance Sheet

• In Review
• Conclusion
• Final Quiz


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