Excel math/finance functions for decision makers

This is the agenda for Table of Contents
Table of Contents


Basic math and formulas

• What We Will Cover
• Basic Math & Formula Evaluation - Part 1
• Basic Math & Formula Evaluation - Part 2
• What Have We Done

Statistics and aggregation formulas

• Aggregating Numbers
• Basic Statistics
• Using Math Functions
• Aggregation with SUBTOTAL()
• Calculating Basic Statistics - Part 1
• Calculating Basic Statistics - Part 2
• Calculating Most Recent Quarterly Averages
• What Have We Done

Rounding numbers

• Basic Rounding Functions
• Rounding to Significance - Part 1
• Rounding to Significance - Part 2
• Rounding to Even, Odd and Integer Numbers
• What Have We Done

Other interesting functions

• PI(), ABS(), and MOD() Functions
• RAND() and RANDBETWEEN() Functions
• What Have We Done

Forecasting in Excel

• Forecasting Water Consumption
• Using the FORECAST() Function
• Using Statistics to Evaluate Forecasting Options
• What Have We Done

Finance formulas

• Capital Budgeting in Excel
• Building a Net Present Value Table
• Using the PV() and NPV() Formulas - Part 1
• Using the PV() and NPV() Formulas - Part 2
• What Have We Done

Evaluating a capital purchase

• Calculating Cash Flows
• Adding Context and Scenario Planning
• What Have We Done


In Review


Final Quiz


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