Excel formatting tools: Adding eye-catching elements

This is the agenda for Table of Contents
Table of Contents


Photo images in Excel

• What We Will Cover
• Working With Pictures in Excel
• Generating Marketing Collateral in Excel
• Formatting Photos and Adding Clip Art
• Screen Clippings and Background Insertion
• What Have We Done


• Working With Drawing Tools in Excel
• Creating SmartArt
• Formatting SmartArt
• What Have We Done

Drawing tools

• Working With Drawing Tools in Excel
• Creating a Flowchart in Excel
• Connecting Your Flowchart
• Grouping and Formatting Drawing Objects
• Creating WordArt in Excel
• What Have We Done

Equations and symbols

• Working With Equations and Symbols
• Using Equations and Symbols in a Report
• Inserting the Copyright Symbol
• Building an Equation in Excel
• Using Spell Check, Thesaurus, and Translation
• What Have We Done

Custom number formatting

• Working With Custom Number Formatting
• Using Custom Number Formatting
• Using Custom Formatting for Variances - Part 1
• Using Custom Formatting for Variances - Part 2
• What Have We Done

Conditional Formatting

• Working With Conditional Formatting
• Using Conditional Formatting
• Highlighting Key Values
• Using Formulas With Conditional Formatting
• Understanding Precedence
• Managing and Customizing Formatting Rules
• What Have We Done

Worksheet views

• Working With Outlining and Custom Views
• Building and Modifying Worksheet Views
• Creating Custom Views
• What Have We Done


• In Review
• Conclusion
• Final Quiz


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