Excel: Designing stable spreadsheet models

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This is the agenda for Table of contents
Table of contents

• Welcome
• What is a Spreadsheet “Model”?
• Planning Models: Essential Groundwork
• Modeling Best Practices
• Dynamic Modeling Techniques

Exercise: Working through the DDM cash exercise

• Examining the “Vlookup” Function
• Using “Vlookup” in Dynamic Modeling
• Using the “IF” Function and Comments in Dynamic Modeling

Conditional formatting

Conditional Formatting

Exercise: Working through the DDM cash exercise (Continued)

• Using Conditional Formatting
• Putting the Model to Work with Cash Flows
• Using Outlining to Compress Model Sections

Review: The completed DDM cash exercise

• Reviewing the Completed Model
• Separating Data from Logic

Exercise: Styles

• Introduction to Styles
• Creating Custom styles

Example: Drink

Drink Pricing Worksheet

Example: Capital budgeting

• Using Models for Capital Budgeting
• Using Models for Sensitivity Analysis


• In Review
• Final Quiz


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