Date and Time Functions

This is the agenda for Table of Contents
Table of Contents


Understanding dates in Excel

• What We Will Cover
• Understanding Dates in Excel
• Common Date Functions
• Today’s Date
• Date Extractions - Day and Month
• Date Extractions - Year and Week
• Date Conversion
• Date Creation
• What Have We Done

Temporal functions

• Santa’s Receivables
• Extracting Key Statistics
• Purchases and Interest - Part 1
• Purchases and Interest - Part 2
• Calculating Interest
• Cumulative A/R Balances
• What Have We Done

Understanding and manipulating time in Excel

• Understanding Time in Excel
• Manipulating Time in Excel
• Creating Time Sheets
• Pay Periods
• Calculating Regular Hours
• Calculating OT Hours - Part 1
• Calculating OT Hours - Part 2
• Calculating Banked Time
• Total Hours Payable
• What Have We Done

Workdays and holidays

• Calculating Workdays and Holidays
• Labour Hour Forecasting 02:13 Creating a Production Schedule
• Statutory Holidays - Part 1
• Statutory Holidays - Part 2
• Statutory Holidays - Part 3
• Creating a Labour Hour Forecast - Part 1
• Creating a Labour Hour Forecast - Part 2
• What Have We Done


• In Review
• Conclusion
• Final Quiz


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