Navigating the handbooks: An overview

Learn how to get the most out of the CPA Handbooks.

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This online course guides you through various components of the CPA Handbook — an authoritative document in Canada for financial statement presentation and auditing and assurance practices.

In this course, you will become familiar with:

  • which Handbook to refer to when presented with a problem or dilemma
  • choices each type of organization has when selecting an appropriate set of accounting standards
  • which standards of the Handbook – Assurance apply to different types of engagements

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7 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • recognizing differences among the conceptual frameworks of accounting in order to:
    • evaluate potential solutions against the framework
    • evaluate the suitability of a particular framework in individual circumstances
  • understanding and being able to describe the authority of the Handbook, both from the viewpoint of the accounting profession and in law
  • the inter-relationships between the Handbooks
  • the inter-relationships among the parts and standards within a Handbook
  • identifying the key publications where supplementary information is located

Who should attend?

  • accountants
  • auditors
  • risk managers/analysts
  • public accounting practitioners

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Module 1
• introduces the Standards and Guidance Collection
• addresses the overall purpose and authority of the Handbooks in the Collection

Module 2

• The five parts of the Accounting Handbook
• Which organizations should use each part
• The effective date of the various parts

Module 3
Looks at:

• The structure of the Assurance Handbook
• The standards that pertain to different types of engagements

Module 4
Discusses the direction provided by the Public Sector Accounting Handbook on issues related to the various public sector entities.

Module 5
• Deals with the Management Discussion and Analysis portion of the Standards and Guidance Collection
• Discusses the guidance provided by the Risk Management and Governance materials



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