Emerging leaders certificate program

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This is the agenda for Outline
A. Behavioural intelligence questionnaire (disc)

This questionnaire will give you a report that is designed to increase your understanding of your individual talents. The report provides insight to two distinct areas: behaviours and emotional intelligence. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in both of these areas will lead to personal and professional development.

B. Program launch (module)

An introductory module to the program that will answer common questions, what to expect, and the disc results.

C. Core modules

Emotional Intelligence: What Is It, and Why Do We Need It?

Effective Team Communication

Grace Under Pressure – Successfully Managing Conflict Situations

Coaching for Higher Performance

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Think Strategically and Act Decisively

D. Discussion forums

At the end of each core module, participants are required to post reflections on the topic through the modules discussion forum.

E. Electives (complete three of the following modules)

Negotiating for Win-Win Results

Finance professionals leading change

Leadership Fundamentals

Time Management Skills for Managers

How to Conduct a Successful Performance Review

F. Wrap-up (module)

This final module covers career development and how to use the tools you have learned throughout the certificate program.