Emerging leaders certificate program

Take the next steps to pursue or advance your management career by learning about the knowledge and skills required to excel as a leader in your organization.

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If you want to rise through the ranks of your organization into management, or if you want to become more effective in your current leadership role, you’ll need to cultivate a specialized set of skills and a particular mindset. Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s online program Emerging Leaders Certificate Program —guides you through what it takes to be an exceptional leader.

Featuring a mix of a behavioural intelligence questionnaire, modules, podcasts, a self-learning resource page and forum discussions, this comprehensive program will equip you with the knowledge and know-how that will prepare you to:

  • think more strategically
  • act more decisively
  • lead teams more effectively

You will also get a better handle on fundamental management abilities such as:

  • better managing your time
  • communicating with teams
  • performing under pressure
  • mastering difficult conversations

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Member $1,050, Non Member $1,250

25 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • what good leadership/management looks like, and the skills needed to achieve it
  • how to develop greater self-awareness, and why this is key for leading well
  • why emotional intelligence matters for good leadership
  • how to more effectively
    • give feedback
    • coach others
    • conduct performance reviews
    • manage conflict situations

Who should attend?

  • financial or business professionals
  • new managers or leaders
  • performance coaches

More Details:

Session Descriptions

A. Behavioural intelligence questionnaire (disc)
This questionnaire will give you a report that is designed to increase your understanding of your individual talents. The report provides insight to two distinct areas: behaviours and emotional intelligence. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in both of these areas will lead to personal and professional development.

B. Program launch (module)
An introductory module to the program that will answer common questions, what to expect, and the disc results.

C. Core modules
Emotional Intelligence: What Is It, and Why Do We Need It?

Effective Team Communication

Grace Under Pressure – Successfully Managing Conflict Situations

Coaching for Higher Performance

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Think Strategically and Act Decisively

D. Discussion forums
At the end of each core module, participants are required to post reflections on the topic through the modules discussion forum.

E. Electives (complete three of the following modules)
Negotiating for Win-Win Results

Finance professionals leading change

Leadership Fundamentals

Time Management Skills for Managers

How to Conduct a Successful Performance Review

F. Wrap-up (module)
This final module covers career development and how to use the tools you have learned throughout the certificate program.



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