Applied ethics in a professional setting

Get to know the complexities associated with 21st-century corporate ethics and learn how you can foster a higher standard of ethical behaviour in your organization.

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Many individuals, corporations and entities believe that by following the rules, they are adhering to sound ethical principles — but this isn’t always the case.

The law only establishes a minimum standard of behaviour in society; in practice, applying ethics extends beyond the “letter of the law.”

In this online course, you will study ethical concepts and case studies that encourage you to grapple with some theoretical ethical dilemmas and consider the most effective way to handle those situations in practice.

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4 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • what it means to be a CPA professional dedicated to ethical decision-making
  • personal ethical issues and how these apply in the business environment
  • ethical dilemmas that arise when managing a business serving multiple constituencies, including shareholders, creditors, customers and society at large
  • corporate whistleblowing to protect the profession and its reputation
  • why professional codes of conduct carry a much heavier obligation than industry codes of conduct
  • CPA BC’s Code of Professional Conduct

Note: If members operate in a different jurisdiction, they should understand the contents of the code of conduct in their respective province, along with any differences from CPA BC’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Topics include:

  • ethics versus laws
  • six sources of ethics
  • whistleblowing by CPAs
  • a framework for ethical decision-making
  • codes of ethics and professional codes of conduct
  • corporate whistleblowing policies
  • obligations of the professional
  • various ethical case studies

Who should attend?

  • accounting professionals
  • controllers
  • management
  • internal and external auditors
  • corporate stakeholders
  • boards of directors

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