Overview of U.K. tax and law

Get up to speed on the U.K. taxation system and the principal areas of English law with our informative course.

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If you need to learn about the U.K. taxation system and English law, this course will give you a basic working knowledge in both.

The tax portion of the course explains different types of income, how income taxes are calculated and how taxes are calculated for a resident and a non-U.K. resident.

The law portion of the course provides an overview of English law, its various sources and the court system in which legal disputes are determined

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15 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • basic tax principles
  • rules for employment income and taxable trading income
  • investment income from land, tax efficient instruments and pension provisions
  • differences between individuals carrying on a business and companies
  • special rules for service companies
  • the difference between civil and criminal law
  • contract law
  • negligence and the law of tort
  • remedies and defences applicable to an action for negligence
  • employment law
  • different types of business (sole traders, agents, companies, partnerships)
  • what happens when a business runs into financial difficulties

Who should attend?

  • CPAs who wish to apply for the ACCA designation
  • tax professionals with U.K.-based clients
  • tax professionals who plan to work in the U.K.

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Overview of U.K. tax
• Module 1: Introduction to UK taxation
• Module 2: Income tax payable by individuals
• Module 3: Employment income
• Quiz 1 tax
• Module 4: Computation of taxable trading income
• Module 5: Trading profits and losses
• Module 6: Investment income and pension provision
• Quiz 2 Tax
• Module 7: Capital gains and losses for individuals
• Module 8: Corporation tax
• Module 9: International taxation
• Quiz 3 Tax

Overview of U.K. law
• Module 1: The English legal system
• Module 2: Contract
• Module 3: Negligence and the law of tort
• Quiz 1 law
• Module 4: Employment law
• Module 5: Business organizations
• Module 6: Insolvency and related matters
• Quiz 2 law


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