Overview of Canadian tax and law

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This is the agenda for Table of contents
Table of contents
Overview of Canadian Tax

• Module 1: Concept of income
• Module 2: Employment income
• Module 3: Business income
• Quiz 1 Tax
• Module 4: Property income
• Module 5: Other income and deductions
• Module 6: Capital gains and losses
• Quiz 2 Tax
• Module 7: Taxable income and tax payable – Individuals
• Module 8: Taxable income and tax payable – Corporations
• Module 9: International taxation
• Quiz 3 Tax

Overview of Canadian Law

• Module 1: The Canadian legal system
• Module 2: Tort law and professional liability
• Module 3: Contract law
• Module 4: Contractual terms
• Quiz 1 Law
• Module 5: Sale of Goods Act
• Module 6: Insurance and employment contracts
• Module 7: Debtors and creditors
• Module 8: Business relationships
• Quiz 2 Law


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