Estates and trusts

Discover the basic income tax implications of estates and trusts.

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Trust law and tax law issues can be very complex. Our comprehensive online course provides you with an overview of the pertinent income tax implications of estates and trusts, with a special focus on personal trusts and federal income tax.

This course is based on the Income Tax Act effective as of April 21, 2016, and incorporates pending legislation announced up to and including that date.

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10 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • basic trust law concepts
  • how to handle estate administration
  • optimizing income tax elections when preparing trust returns
  • computing tax payable

Who should attend?

  • financial planners
  • income tax planners

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Session Descriptions

• Estates
• Estate or trust accounting
• Example of accounts of an estate

Definition of trust
• Types of trust under the Income Tax Act
• Taxation of a trust

Disposition of property to a trust
• Attribution rules
• 21-year deemed realization

Taxable capital gains/allowable capital losses
• Pension income
• Investment income
• Business income
• Other income
• Deductions

• Income payable
• Taxation of beneficiaries
• Taxable benefits

Taxable income
• Taxes payable
• Non-resident beneficiaries

Income interest
• Capital interest
• Clearance certificates

Family trusts
• Henson trusts
• Management trusts
• Goods and services tax

Appendix A — Website references

Appendix B — Checklist of duties of legal representatives

Appendix C — Sample completed T3 return, schedules, and supplementary

Appendix D — Sample completed T3 return, schedules, and supplementary

Appendix E — Draft statement — Regulation 2800(1)


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