In-Depth tax course: Tax Education Task Force reports

Learn about the changes that Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) made to the In-Depth Tax Course. The changes were based on reports from CPA Canada’s Tax Education Task Force.

CPA Canada’s Tax Education Task Force is a group of senior tax practitioners and educators who conducted a detailed analysis of the direction of tax education for the CPA profession. Read about their work, findings and recommendations for the enhancement of the In-Depth Tax Course in the following two reports:

The task force's recommendations prompted several changes to the course. Here is a summary:

Restructure the course to:

  • focus on competencies
  • deliver learning at the right pace
  • benefit from use of today's learning technologies

We've developed a new competency map to guide new program development. A program director of tax education provides oversight. The new course will offer three years of training (an increase of one year). Students will start the course with a new three-day Orientation, Research and Communications course and learn the tax research framework that they will use throughout the course. Students will receive a student handbook upon registration so that they’ll know clearly what they can expect to gain over the three-year course, what their roles and responsibilities are in the course and what on-the-job activities they can seek to help solidify their learning.

Enhance the Group Study program to contribute more consistent value.

We've redesigned Group Study to introduce new elearning modules, problems and solution sets that offer more consistency from lesson to lesson. We will offer more rigorous training for our Group Study leaders and provide comprehensive leader guides. Elearning will include self-assessment so students can check their understanding.

Formally recognize students' success in completing the course.

Graduates of the In-depth Tax Course will receive a certificate of completion. Students will have support to self-assess their progress throughout the course.

Provide better feedback to employers on students' progress.

Employers will receive relevant, timely and useful reports on students' progress throughout the course.

Attract and support more participants from the francophone marketplace.

We will continue to provide francophone students with translated questions and francophone tutorial leaders in both Group Study and In-Residence programs. As we implement the new course, we will consult with francophone stakeholders to understand how best to support the needs of francophone students.

Refine processes for selecting and supporting faculty members.

We're rolling out a new faculty development program, which includes training sessions and guidelines for the role to ensure consistency and excellence of our lecturers, tutors and Group Study leaders.

Improve processes for developing course materials.

We're putting in place guidelines for developing materials in ways that will enhance their educational power.

See how the In-Depth Tax Course has changed.