Sustainability workshop at GLOBE series 2019

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for business and the world at large. Learn how integrating sustainability into your organization’s strategy can help drive long-term success.

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CPA Canada and GLOBE Capital for GLOBE Series 2019

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Toronto March 1, 2019 - 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. EST

High-performance culture is built on innovation and foresight. To thrive, businesses must find a strategic balance between financial growth, environmental issues and socioeconomic impact.

Develop the knowledge and skills you need to help your organization achieve long-term success with an all-new sustainability workshop:

Understanding Social Impact and Social Return.

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3 CPD hour(s)
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  • accounting professionals
  • investors
  • controllers
  • management
  • corporate stakeholders
  • finance professionals
  • boards of directors

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Session Descriptions

How Management Can Drive Sustainability
Speaker: Bob Willard, Chief Sustainability Champion and Founder, Sustainability Advantage

Senior management is responsible for the financial wellbeing of their organizations. They acknowledge that environmental and social concerns deserve attention, but not at the expense of the current and long-term financial health of their organizations. Surprisingly, many business leaders are discovering that they can now enhance their company’s financial wellbeing by performing better on their environmental and social goals. In this workshop, Bob Willard explains how smart executives justify integrating sustainability considerations into their resource allocation decision-making. He then demonstrates how free, open-source tools help business leaders integrate decision-ready sustainability information into their CAPEX appraisal and purchasing evaluation processes, as recommended by the CFO Leadership Network, to drive a sustainability mindset into the culture of a 2st century business.

Understanding Social Impact and Social Return
Speaker: Laura Plant, Impact Economist, PwC

There is increasing demand for demonstrating the impact of your activities or financed activities. Many leading companies are no longer considering financial return on investment but also their social return on their investment (SROI) through measuring the social and environmental impact of their decisions. Come to this workshop to hear from these companies and learn about impact assessment techniques and social and natural capital accounting.

Adapting to Climate Change
Speaker: Sarah Keyes, Principal, Research, Guidance and Support, CPA Canada

The risk profiles and strategic positioning of organizations in Canada and around the world are being directly affected by global and local changes in temperature, extreme weather and the availability of water and other natural resources. A changing climate gives rise to a variety of organizational issues including operational, financial and strategic planning concerns.
Professional accountants have a critical role to play in how organizations respond in managing risk and opportunity and creating a more resilient organization. This session will show accountants how to recognize risks and opportunities of climate change and how their CPA competencies are relevant in responding to climate change. The seminar will be interactive. It will include a mix of large and small group discussion and case study work.

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