Climate change training for business leaders

Leading businesses are developing strategies to address the impacts of climate change on their operational and financial performance. Are you ready to respond? Attend these training programs to build professional capacity in your organization to adapt to climate change impacts.

The business response to climate change is evolving. Are you?

Climate change is one of the biggest risks facing businesses, economies and societies around the world. The effects of climate change are already being felt - with implications for a business's strategy, reputation and resilience.

As a business leader, you want to ensure that your organization is meaningfully prepared for the burgeoning financial and operational impacts of a changing climate. But how and where do you begin?

We're here to help.

CPA Canada, with funding from Natural Resources Canada, is collaborating on a multi-year training initiative to help Canadian business leaders recognize and anticipate the emerging financial impacts of climate change and develop value-creating strategies for the long-term.

Beginning in fall 2019, attend our in-person workshops to learn:

  • why climate change is an important issue for Canadian businesses
  • why mining, energy and forestry companies should pay attention to the sector-specific implications of climate change
  • what to do in response to climate-related risks and opportunities
  • how you can leverage your existing skills and competencies to add value for your organization in your respective role(s)
  • how to embed climate change considerations into strategy and scenario planning, risk management and disclosure activities

Who should attend:

  • boards of directors
  • senior executives (e.g. CEO, CFO)
  • CPAs working in business and industry (e.g. financial reporting, enterprise risk, operations roles)
  • CPAs working in professional services (e.g. auditors, consultants, tax specialists)

For more information, please contact Davinder Valeri, Director, Research, Guidance & Support at CPA Canada.