Certificate in driving organizational profit and performance

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This is the agenda for
Module 1 (online)
Understanding your business

• situation assessment
• understanding your market
• clarifying corporate objectives
• strategy mapping

Interactive case study 1: Understanding your business

Module 2 (online)
Understand how to make your organization profitable part 1: Pricing and profitability

• mastering the contribution margin approach
• understanding factors related to pricing
• using pricing as a competitive tool
• understanding customer profitability

Interactive case study 2: Pricing and customer profitability

Module 3 (online)
Understand how to make your organization profitable part 2: Analyzing for performance

• managing fixed cost performance
• activity-based cost management
• other cost improvement and productivity techniques
• other performance improvement techniques

Interactive case study 3: Profitability through performance improvement

Module 4 (online)
Tools for driving optimal performance

• using validation testing as a strategic decision-making tool
• using forecasting as a strategic performance tool
• capitalizing on innovation for enhanced performance
• putting all the pieces together for optimal performance

Interactive case study 4: Validation testing & innovation

Module 5 (online)
Using scorecard for maximum performance

• adopting the balanced scorecard as a performance management tool
• cascading the balanced scorecard for performance at all levels
• integrating the new performance management system throughout the company
• conducting the scoring process with the balanced scorecard

Interactive case study 5: The creation and scoring of a balanced scorecard

Module 6 (online)
Analyzing results and adjusting for enhanced performance

• understanding how to scan the dashboard for priority areas requiring further examination
• delving deeper into results
• effecting strategic adjustments
• effecting operational adjustments

Interactive case study 6: Analyzing results and making strategic and operational adjustments

In-depth capstone (in person, various locations or virtual option)
Capstone: Driving organization profits and performance

• review each module, and how the various concepts work together
• understand the importance of setting a good course of action
• develop in-depth knowledge of performance measurement tools
• apply program content in a business setting via group work and Interactive Case Study exercise

Group work, participant presentations and individual exercise to determine immediate and long term application of program learning