In-depth brokers and investment dealers

This comprehensive course provides definitive training for professionals providing audit, assurance and other services to brokers and investment dealers. Get up to date on the regulation issues, risk management and accounting considerations affecting the securities industry.

Event Details

Location and date:
Toronto October 30-31, 2018

Fully understanding the Canadian securities industry can be a challenge. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to navigate its important regulatory issues and accounting concepts, and the operations and functions of brokers and investment dealers, including regulatory requirements.

This course provides valuable insight and current practical advice on the investment industry and regulatory environment, books and records, and risk-adjusted capital. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the unique operations and function of brokers and investment dealers in business.

Note: This course requires the completion of a prerequisite module, which is included in the course, to ensure that you have a solid background on the business activities of the securities industry.

 Testimonials from course participants

“The breadth of the material covered for the number of days was spot on. There was the right number of example problems to work through to drill the concepts into my head, but not too many that I was bored.”

“I found that the math portion of the course was very helpful with mixing up the lecture, getting people involved.”

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14 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • the Canadian securities industry and types of brokerage activities
  • the regulatory environment of the Canadian securities industry
  • operations books and records
  • risk-adjusted capital and risk management
  • accounting considerations, including IFRS updates
  • financial reporting and auditing services for brokers and investment dealers

Who should attend?

Professional accountants and other professionals who:

  • provide audit, assurance and other services to securities brokers and dealers
  • work in a securities broker or dealer setting

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Registration and Continental Breakfast

Canadian Securities Industry Regulatory Framework

IIROC Rule 300 Audit Requirements

Processing a Trade


Brokerage and Clearing Operations


Client Accounts

Segregation of Securities


Security Lending/Borrowing & Financing Operations

Capital Formula Overview

Continental Breakfast

Capital Formula Overview

Securities Inventory & Underwriting Margining
• Schedules 2, 2A, and 2B on Form 1


Broker Accounts
• Schedule 5


Income Tax Reporting

Review of other Form 1 Schedules
• Security Lending/Borrowing, and Repurchase/Reverse Repurchase transactions
Schedules 1 & 7 on Form 1
• Securities Concentration – Schedule 9 on Form 1
• Insurance – Schedule 10 on Form 1
• Unhedged Foreign Securities – Schedule 11 on Form 1
• Margin on Futures Concentrations and Deposits – Schedule 12 on Form 1
• Provider of Capital Concentration Charge – Schedule 14 on Form 1


Accounting Considerations – Module V
• IFRS 9 & 15
• Inventory valuation
• Underwriting price structure and profit calculation, and corporate finance revenue recognition
• Financial instruments

Reporting, Risk Management and Auditing Brokers and Investment Dealers – Module VI
• Auditor’s reports
• Report on compliance for Insurance, Segregation of Securities, and Guarantee/Guarantor relationships
• Introducing broker audits
• GAAS and audit risks for broker audits

Wrap Up & Review

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CPA Canada Offices
277 Wellington Street West, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3H2


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