Financial risk management: Fundamental concepts

This course offers an introduction to the fundamental concepts of financial risk, its sources and various strategies for effective financial risk management.

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Financial risk is the probability of loss arising from adverse events that occur in financial markets.

This course will provide an understanding of the financial risks inherent in your own firm or client organization. Learn how to identify potential financial risks and understand which strategies are best used to mitigate them — an invaluable skill set for approaching the various financial challenges of business today.

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You will learn about:

  • financial risk—what it is, how it arises
  • different types of financial risk
  • managing foreign exchange and interest rate risks
  • credit and operational risk, and related management issues

This course is self-contained but includes numerous links for further information.

An appendix is included that features a list of additional financial risk management resources, such as links to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) guidelines, associations and other online resources.

Who should attend?

  • members in public practice
  • financial and business managers 
  • analysts 
  • management accountants

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Session Descriptions

Module 1: Financial Risk
• What is financial risk?
• How does financial risk arise?
• Risk management as a process

Module 2: Types of financial risk
• introduction
• foreign exchange risk
• interest rate risk
• credit risk
• operational risk
• other risks

Module 3: Managing FX and interest rate market risks
• introduction
• foreign exchange risk
• interest rate risk

Quiz 1

Module 4: Other risks and management issues
• introduction
• credit risk
• operational risk
• management
• summary

Quiz 2



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