Attribute and monetary-unit sampling

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This is the agenda for Table of contents
Table of contents
Module 1A: Basic sampling concepts

Module 1B: The sampling process

Module 2: Attribute sampling

Module 3: Monetary-unit sampling

Quiz 1

Quiz 2


Appendix 1 — One-Sided Upper Precision Limits for Attribute Sampling: EPDR and TDR

Appendix 2 — One-Sided Upper Precision Limits for Attribute Sampling: CUDR

Appendix 3 — Attribute Specifications

Appendix 4 — Observed Attribute Deviations and Evaluation of Results (Acceptance Sampling)

Appendix 5 — Example: Documentation of Attribution Specifications and Acceptance Sampling

Appendix 6 — Audit Engagement Review Checklist — Attribute Sampling

Appendix 7 — Sequential Attribute Sampling, Alpha Risk 5%

Appendix 8 — Audit Engagement Review Checklist — Monetary-Unit Sampling

Appendix 9 — Monetary-Unit Sampling

Appendix 10 — Example: Documentation of Monetary-Unit Sampling Glossary