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This is the agenda for
October 28, 2019 - Conference Day One
7:30 - 8:30a
Registration and Breakfast

8:30 - 9:30a
Opening Keynote: Leading with Influence

Speaker: Heath Slawner, Expert on Trust-Based Leadership, Influence and Performance

Heath’s work lies at the intersection of leadership, influence, and trust. Through in-depth and dynamic presentations, he shows audiences how to leverage proven strategies to strengthen relationships, drive performance, and achieve outstanding results. He demonstrates how trust and purpose – based on a palpable concern for others – are what’s at the centre of building great organizations.

Heath Slawner

9:35 - 10:05a
Address by the Comptroller General of Canada

Speaker: Roch Huppé, Comptroller General of Canada
Hear from Mr. Roch Huppé, the Comptroller General of Canada who will share his thoughts on leadership in the public sector.

Roch Huppé, CPA, CGA

10:05 - 10:25a
Networking break

10:25 - 11:25a
Choose one of the following sessions:

Building Infrastructure to Meet Canada’s Needs: The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Public Private Partnerships in Canada

Speaker: Nicholas Hann, Infrastructure Consultant

Investment in infrastructure is a great interest to all levels of government and the public. This session will explore the evolution of infrastructure construction and deployment across Canada and lessons learned from other countries.

Join Nick Hann, a leading infrastructure consultant, to learn about key policy instruments all governments and stakeholders are considering in their strategy to build and deploy Canadian infrastructure to meet the needs of Canada and enable greater economic prosperity.

IPSASB and PSAB Strategic Update

Session to be confirmed shortly.

11:30 - 12:30p
Choose one of the following sessions:

First Nations: The New Fiscal Arrangement

Speaker: Philippe Thompson, Chief Finances, Results and Delivery Officer, Indigenous Services Canada

Join us to learn about a new fiscal arrangement between The Government of Canada and the Assembly of First Nations. Philippe Thompson, Chief Finances, Results and Delivery Officer at Indigenous Services Canada, will provide insight on how we are advancing this new fiscal relationship.

A Risk Management Approach to Cyber Security

Richard Leest, Director of Information Technology Services, York Region
Jason Li, Director, Controllership Office and Deputy Treasurer at York Region

12:30 - 1:30p

1:30 - 2:30p
Choose one of the following sessions:

A Real-world Example of How Blockchain can Modernize Public Sector Financial Management: Lessons from the City of Toronto

Moderator: Abhishek Sinha, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Panelists to date:
Heather Taylor , CFO, City of Toronto
Mark MacDonald, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Join us for a discussion highlighting the modernization and transformation efforts taking place at the City of Toronto around budget process modernization through blockchain technology. In this session, you will learn through first-hand experience how the power of new technology can help overcome long-standing challenges to efficient management. Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of how emerging technologies have been used to enable financial transformation in real-life situations.

Mark MacDonald ; Abhishek Sinha

Emerging Issues in Accounting

Speaker: Martin Boucher, Partner, National Accounting Consulting Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

We often focus on the new accounting standards. And yet the public sector’s increasingly complex environment results in questions over accounting standards that have been applied for years. This session will cover new twists on long-standing accounting standards such as cloud computing arrangements, investments in green infrastructure, contingent liabilities in a context of more frequent settlements as well as accounting for participation in a shared asset. While this session will not give you all the answers, the objective is to raise awareness over application challenges of fundamental questions as applied to these emerging issues: Is there an asset? Is there a liability? Is there a need for a new accounting policy altogether?

Martin Boucher, CPA, CA

2:30 - 2:45
Networking Break

2:45 - 3:45p
Choose one of the following sessions:

Ethics: Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Cathy Cobey, Global Trusted AI Advisory Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to drive 95% of all customer interactions by 2025 but a lack of trust is the #1 barrier to its development. Without mature risk awareness that encompasses broader ethical and social considerations, AI capabilities will be slow to evolve. Join Cathy Cobey, EY’s Global Trusted AI Advisory Leader in a session to explore what your organization can do to gain trust in AI, including techniques to evaluate the maturity of your AI governance and ethical practices, measure the risk of an AI agent and build the control mechanisms to build and operate trustworthy AI.

Cathy Cobey

Pension Plans (tentative)

Session to be confirmed shortly.

3:50 - 4:50p
Choose one of the following sessions:

The New Generation of CPAs: Opportunities and Perspectives

Jennifer Gerves-Keen, Executive Coach
Alan Kerr, VP Corporate Services and CFO, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Panelists to date:
James Sabourin, Financial Services Coordinator, City of Ottawa

In today’s work environment, it is not uncommon to be working with individuals from 4 different generations. Connecting and understanding people from different generations will produce new ideas and create opportunities for innovative initiatives.

Learn about what defines a generation and the different perspectives by joining this engaging panel to hear from a number of early career Chartered Professional Accountants. What do they enjoy about their jobs and what opportunities do they see for technological advancements in the field of financial management? Three early career panelists will share their perspectives on these matters and what drives them to success.

Jennifer Gervès-Keen

IFRS Update

Session to be confirmed shortly.

4:50 - 7:20
Networking Reception

(* Please note that Food & Beverage Service ends at 6:20 pm)

This is the agenda for
October 29, 2019 - Conference Day Two
7:15 - 8:30a
Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 9:30a
Keynote Address: Innovation and Disruption

Speaker: Max Valiquette, Innovation, Transformation and Marketing Expert

Max Valiquette

9:35 - 10:05a
How Accountants Can Bridge the Global Infrastructure Gap

Speakers: Davinder Valeri , Director, Strategy, Risk and Performancce, CPA Canada and Alex Metcalfe , Head of Public Sector Policy, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Infrastructure is critical for economic and social development across the world. Transport infrastructure allows people to travel to work and transport goods to different markets. The power and utility systems provide us with the energy and services that we need to survive. We all rely on infrastructure systems to ensure that our basic human needs are met.
Join Davinder Valeri and Alex Metcalfe, the report’s authors, as they demonstrate the critical role accountants play in bridging the global infrastructure gap by improving the planning and selection, financing and delivery of infrastructure projects. They will also talk about the 20 recommendations found in the report, derived from international good practice, to help close the infrastructure gap.

10:05 - 10:25
Networking Break

10:25 - 11:25a
Choose one of the following sessions:

Innovative Ways to Deploy Programs

Speaker: Michelle Kealey, Director, Transfer Payment Policy, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Embrace innovation in transfer payments by coming to this impactful session on innovative ways programs are deployed with grants and contributions at the federal government. Join Michelle Kealey, Director, Transfer Payment Policy, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, as she walks you through the evolution of financial instruments (social impact bonds, loss guarantees and outcome and performance arrangements), giving you the tools to influence innovative program delivery in your organization.

PSAB Updates (TBC)

Session to be confirmed shortly.

11:30 - 12:30p
Choose one of the following sessions:

Disruptive Technologies (TBC)

Session to be confirmed shortly.

Natural Asset Management and Canada’s Accounting Framework: The Emerging Evidence

Roy Brooke, Executive Director, Municipal Natural Resources Initiative
Michelle Molnar, Environmental, Economist & Policy Analyst, David Suzuki Foundation

12:30 - 1:30

1:30 - 2:30p
Using Cross-Functional Collaboration as an Innovative Resource

Speaker: Jennifer Gervés-Keen, Master Corporate Executive Coach, JGK Consulting

Cross-functional collaboration is a key element in strengthening organizations from the inside out, as well as being a catalyst for innovation and connection across (often) siloed departments and functions. Join Master Corporate Executive Coach Jennifer Gervés-Keen as she walks you through the value of and framework of peer learning triads and teaming agreements and how they can add agility and creativity to your workforce. Jennifer will share real-life examples of organizational impact; concrete tools and frameworks on how to set these structures up within your own organization will be provided

Jennifer Gervès-Keen

2:30 - 2:45
Networking Break

2:45 - 3:45p
Choose one of the following sessions:

Asset Retirement Obligations - Implementation

Bailey Church, KPMG LLP

Tomas Kelly, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited; John Mauti, Ontario Power Generation

Quantifying Risk Transference: Using Data Analytics to Manage Risk in Procurement

Speaker: Peter J. Braxton, Subject Matter Expert, Technomics, Inc.

Information is power and with procurement modernization being a key initiative for many, the use of data analytics within procurement provides undeniable value. Join Peter J. Braxton, Subject Matter Expert from Technomics, to learn about quantifying risk transference in procurement and how to use data analytics to decide on a risk transference strategy.

This is the agenda for
October 30, 2019 - Post Conference Workshops
8:30am - 12:00pm
Post Conference Workshop # 1: Enhancing Public Sector Program and Service Delivery through Improved Operational Costing

Facilitator: Mike Haley, President, Landmark Decisions Inc.

Public sector organizations are continually challenged in understanding the true costs of their operations in support of the programs and services they provide to Canadians. In addition, continual changes to funding and/or cost recovery formulae as well as ever-increasing resource constraints, make it difficult to maintain effective costing models for both current and forecast service delivery.
Using a case study, this workshop walks you through a structured multi-step approach to implementing improved operational costing in your organization. The concepts that you will learn are based on the Consortium for Advanced Management – International’s (CAM-I) “Closed Loop” methodology which supports an integrated resource management approach to developing predictive business models. Key to this approach is understanding and improving operational business processes, increasing efficiencies and, as a result, optimizing resources, while retaining the quality of an organization’s programs and services.
Key Learning Objectives:
• Appreciate the benefits of a structured methodology for implementing better costing across the organization
• Develop “hands-on” experience in understanding resource management and operational costing
• Gain insights into developing realistic service fees and/or other cost recovery strategies
• Understand the value of collaborative scenario-playing with operational cost models that support “future state” business processes

Mike Haley

8:30a - 12:00p
Post Conference Workshop #2: GST/HST Issues and Opportunities for the Public Sector

Facilitators: James Capobianco, Partner and Annie Gosselin, Director, Indirect Tax, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

GST/HST compliance for Public Sector Bodies (PSBs) is complex and evolving. Examine issues and decisions faced by PSBs using a practical and hands-on approach, including effects of making various elections; Input Tax Credit allocation challenges; changes in entity status; best practices for process and documentation; and other current and emerging issues. The workshop’s highly interactive environment allows participants to work through realistic scenarios, while workshop leaders share their experiences and tips on tracking information, evaluating election impacts and identifying recovery opportunities.

This is the agenda for
2019 Conference program advisory committee
Thank you to our 2019 advisory committee members

Sandra Anselmo, Principal Professional Programs (Public Sector), CPA Canada
Jane Borland, Director, Financial Management, Provincial Comptroller’s Office, Saskatchewan Finance
Sonia Brennan, Deputy Auditor General, City of Ottawa
Matthew Coley, Partner, Deloitte LLP
Suzanne Gignac, Partner, Ernst and Young LLP
Michael Lionais, Executive Director, Costing and Transfer Payments, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Diane Peressini, Executive Director, Government Accounting Policy & Reporting from the Office of the Comptroller General
Michael Puskaric, Director, Public Sector Accounting, CPA Canada
Claude Rochette, Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance) / Chief Financial Officer, Department of National Defence
Charles-Antoine St-Jean, Chair, Public Sector Accounting Board
Juliet Woodfield, VP Finance &HR and CFO, Defence Construction Canada

Sandra Anselmo ; Jane Borland ; Sonia Brennan ; Matt Coley ; Suzanne Gignac ; Michael Lionais, CPA, CMA ; Diane Peressini, CPA, CA ; Michael Puskaric, MBA, CPA, CMA ; Claude Rochette ; Charles-Antoine St-Jean ; Juliet Woodfield, CPA, CA