Event Agenda

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This is the agenda for Day 1
Day 1
7:30 - 8:30
Registration and Breakfast

Room: 601 Foyer

8:30 - 8:45
Opening remarks

Andrea Stupino and Bruce Ball, CPA Canada
Room: 601-602

Bruce Ball, FCPA, FCA

8:45 - 9:45
Looking forward: Canada's SR&ED Tax Incentive Program

Jason Charron, Canada Revenue Agency
Room: 601-602

Over the past decades, Canada and the world have experienced profound economic transformation as a result of fast-paced technological growth. Looking forward, we must make sure that Canadians can take on the headwinds of change and create new technologies as a result of disruptive change. Innovation is a top priority in Canada and abroad and is essential for the economic growth and wellbeing of Canadians. The R&D tax incentives offered by the CRA encourages the discovery of new scientific knowledge, ideas, and technologies that stimulate economic growth and competitiveness. In this session, we will look at the strategic direction the SR&ED program is taking to support R&D innovation in Canada.

Jason Charron

9:45 - 10:45
SR&ED Tax Incentive Program: Delivering service excellence to Canadians

Ahmed Hassan and Rob Ringrose, Canada Revenue Agency
Room: 601-602

The CRA is committed to providing excellent service to Canadians in administering tax and benefits for their economic and social well-being. Our goal is to ensure that the CRA is operating as a world-class tax and benefit administration, and pursuing excellence in service, compliance, integrity and security, innovation and people. But the world is rapidly changing, and the CRA is under continuous pressure to keep pace. Our clients' and stakeholders' expectations are constantly advancing too. In this session we will look at how the SR&ED program is streamlining its operations and processes to meet the rapidly changing service needs and expectations of Canadians.

Ahmed Hassan ; Rob Ringrose

10:45 - 11:00
Coffee Break

Room: 603 Foyer

11:00 - 12:00
Recent case law update

Dan Misutka, Felesky Flynn LLP.
Room: 601-602

Dan Misutka

12:00 - 1:15
Networking Lunch

1:15 - 2:15
Ensuring SR&ED Success: Accelerate through the SR&ED Cycle

Albert De Luca, Deloitte
Peter Dorssers, Canada Revenue Agency
Jay McLean, MNP
Nick Melnyk, Canada Revenue Agency
Elizabeth Pringle, EY

Room: 601-602

In this joint practitioner-CRA presentation, learn emerging trends in SR&ED claims, how to avoid common pitfalls and tips on how accelerate through the SR&ED cycle.

Albert De Luca, FCPA, FCA ; Peter Dorssers ; Jay McLean ; Nick Melnyk ; Elizabeth Pringle

2:15 - 2:35
Introduction to Precision Inc. Case

Darren Cheung, Canada Revenue Agency, David Douglas, Ryan ULC, David Regan, KPMG,

Room: 601-602

Darren Cheung ; David Douglas ; David Regan, FCPA, FCA

2:35 - 3:35
Case Study Breakout Sessions

Choice of Three Sessions: Mechanical, IT or Financial


Workshop Leaders:
David Douglas, Ryan
Joseph Naar, Canada Revenue Agency
Matthew Pearson, EY

Mike Borowitz, Canada Revenue Agency
Brian Cardinal, Ryan
Heather Posgate, Ryan
Gord Watson, Ryan
Mohamed Parpia, Ryan

David Douglas ; Joseph Naar ; Matthew Pearson


Workshop Leaders:
Darren Cheung, Canada Revenue Agency
Dharmesh Gandhi, EY
Ed Zacharuk, KPMG

Manjit Kochhar, EY
Jason Zhu, EY
Rocco Vertucci, EY
Martin McLaughlin, EY
Farhan Khan, EY
Amanda Turnbull, EY

Darren Cheung ; Dharmesh Gandhi ; Ed Zacharuk


Workshop Leaders:
David Regan, KPMG
David Durst, KPMG
Krista Robinson, EY
Al Macklai, Canada Revenue Agency

David Regan, FCPA, FCA ; David Durst ; Al Macklai ; Krista Robinson

3:35 - 3:50
Change Break

3:50 - 4:10
Conclusion to Precision Inc. Case Study

Darren Cheung, Canada Revenue Agency, David Douglas, Ryan ULC, Dharmesh Gandhi, EY, David Regan, KPMG,
Room: 601-602

Darren Cheung ; David Douglas ; David Regan, FCPA, FCA ; Dharmesh Gandhi

4:10 - 5:10
CRA Q&A Session

Moderators: Susan Bishop and Elizabeth Pringle, EY
Panellists: Patrizia Fontanarosa, Renee MacTaggart, Natalie Migus, Marcel Nugent, Arun Padmanabhan, Amy Siu, Canada Revenue Agency

Room: 601-602

Susan Bishop ; Elizabeth Pringle ; Patrizia Fontanarosa ; Renee McTaggart ; Natalie Migus ; Marcel Nugent ; Arun Padmanabhan ; Amy Siu

5:10 - 5:20
Symposium Ends