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This is the agenda for Day 1
Day 1 Thursday, November 7, 2019
Registration & Continental Breakfast

Getting the most out of your conference

(Optional - Breakfast session)
Join CPA Canada’s Corporate Citizenship staff as they walk you through all the highlights of what to expect at this year’s conference, answer those dreaded technology questions and get you pumped up for the start of your two-day journey. Attendee tip: pre-download our conference app before this session to get the most out of it!

Catherine Crawford ; Odette Lawrence

Welcome remarks

Indigenous welcome
Opening remarks - Joint presentation with CPA Canada and Canada Life.
Welcome address from the Commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)

Joy Thomas ; Judith Robertson

How purpose and enlightenment shape our resilience

(Plenary session)
What is resilience? Why is it fundamental to success – whether you are leading a multinational organization or managing your personal finances? Join Carl Oxholm, PwC’s National Tax Client Experience Leader, as he shares his research and expertise in understanding purpose and values as they shape our ability to confront our toughest situations in life.

Carl Oxholm, CPA, CA

Refreshment break / Exhibitor booths open

Rewiring our minds to make cents

(Plenary session)
We all have habits – good and bad -- but when we talk about financial decisions, we only want the good ones. Wendy De La Rosa, a behavioural expert from Duke University, will share the follies we can make and how to game even our worst habits with money. This session will provide concrete examples of how to improve consumer well-being by adapting a behavioral science framework.

Wendy De La Rosa

Lunch (Lunch address @12:45)

Lunch address: A master session - helping Canadians living on low-incomes

Doretta Thompson ; Li Zhang ; Marlene Chiarotto, CPA, CA ; Glenna Harris

Day 1 - morning closing / Introduction of concurrent sessions

Workplace – The case for financial wellness in the workplace (part 1)

(Concurrent session)
Concern about finances is the single biggest source of stress for Canadian workers. It affects not only their overall health and happiness, but their on-the-job performance. This session (Part 1) provides insights into the current state of financial stress, how it affects workers, and how the case can and must be made to bring in financial wellness into our workplaces.

Janice MacLellan ; Doretta Thompson ; Karen Jackson ; Jérémie Ryan

Small Business and Entrepreneurs – The New Face of Canadian Entrepreneurship

(Concurrent session)
What does it take to succeed as an entrepreneur today? Canada’s bank for entrepreneurs, BDC, surveyed 1,000 entrepreneurs about their skills to discover how it affects business performance.
• How entrepreneurship is evolving in Canada
• What’s motivating entrepreneurs and the challenges they are facing
• How to develop the right skills to continue growing a business
Join us and discover what skills entrepreneurs need to get their business to the next level.

Michael Cocolakis

Trending topics – Debt – what happens when you’re at the end of the rope?

(Concurrent session)
Join us for an interactive conversation about options consumers have for dealing with their debt that goes beyond the Do-it-yourself solutions. These include settlements, debt restructuring, consumer proposals and bankruptcies. Hear from the experts on how to spot the warning signs, when to seek help, what help to ask for and how to make a fresh start.

Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy

Refreshment break / Exhibitor booths open

Day 1 prize draw

Workplace – The case for financial wellness in the workplace (part 2)

(Concurrent session)
Financial wellness is today’s buzz word. We know it’s important and we know the benefits – like increased employee retention and decreased absenteeism -- are tangible to organizations that embrace it. Where do we start and what should we be doing? This session (Part 2) provides concrete low- and no-cost ways to create workplace programs that support a a culture of employee financial well being.

Janice MacLellan ; Doretta Thompson ; Karen Jackson ; Jérémie Ryan

Small Business and Entrepreneurs – Are all small business owners created equally?

(Concurrent session)
Have you ever wondered if small business owners across the country are similar? Hear from our CPA financial literacy volunteers about financial topics small business owners need to hear and how approaches may be different if you are in the North, South or somewhere in between.

Shawn Lester, FCPA, FCA ; Vania Karam, CPA, CGA

Trending topics – Shaping our youth

(Concurrent session)
Volatile economies affect all of us, but what about to those who will one day inherit the decisions we make today? Prakash hails from Nepal as a champion of financial literacy globally. He has dedicated his youth to reducing financial vulnerabilities of his peers and those younger than him. Carlie is a tax prodigy and an international speaker. Hear her insights on today’s headlines – trade wars, globalization, and regional instabilities. Together, their stories of youth activism and how it will shape their future and that of their peers will surely inspire you to action.

Carlie Weinreb

Day 1 closing

Evening reception / Networking

Reflect on the excitement of day one while listening to local musical entertainment. Meet and network with attendees who share your financial literacy interests through the communities of interest section. You’ll find community of interest tables where you can chat with students, small businesses, Indigenous communities and more! Find the table that interests you or wander from table to table to learn more about the new and exciting financial literacy initiatives taking place across the country.  

This is the agenda for Day 2
Day 2 Friday, November 8, 2019
Continental breakfast open

CPA Canada’s financial literacy program overview for partners and volunteers

(Optional - Breakfast session)
Since 2010, the CPA profession has been committed to furthering the financial knowledge of Canadians. Join us for this optional breakfast session to hear about how far the program has come and how CPAs and community organizations can benefit from the program, at no cost! Hear firsthand from one of our star CPA volunteers about her experiences and learnings from the field!

Renzo Libaque

Day 1 recap - events and topics

Investing in volatile economies

(Plenary session)
Regardless of what stage you are in your life, we have to recognize that the rules of investing have changed. Buy and Hold no longer works, volatility has increased, and investors worry about their accounts more now than any time in the last 32 years. All this is exacerbated by a political environment that is more uncertain than ever while investment choices can often be overwhelming.

So, what is an investor to do to be resilient with their savings, investment and retirement funds?

The session will discuss a number of strategies:

Contrarian Investing, “Pots of Money” management, Segregated Funds, Low Volatility Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), Dividend Strategies, Pension Fund Solution.

The session will cut through the jargon and explain these methodologies in plain language. It will deal with real life illustrations with actionable recommendations. We will discuss costs, often the hidden “rust” that weaken many structures, as well as how to select an investment advisor who will put your interests ahead of their firm’s.

Larry Short, CPA, CGA

Refreshment break / Exhibitor booths open

Retiring resiliently

(Plenary session)
Resilience is all about recovery from adversity, about springing- back. Financial resilience is certainly about springing back in reaction to adversity; but it is equally about forethought- “planned resilience”.

Planned resilience involves periodically asking the question: How are we doing compared to our plan? What might reasonably go wrong and what would mitigate the resulting adversity.

These concerns about adversity engender a need for “planned resilience” by developing strategies to answer some important questions:
• How long will my nest egg last? What if I live longer?
• How many of those years will be disability free?
• What is a safe rate at which to draw down that nest egg?
• Dare I “spend” some of my nest egg early in retirement to take that “trip of a lifetime”?
• What if the financial markets suffer a steep fall?
• What if the assumptions I have been using to plan turn to be “off”?
• What if I become really ill and need high levels of personal care?

Wallace M. Howick FCPA FCA MBA

The side hustle

(Plenary session)
Job security is not a given to many nor can it be guaranteed in volatile economies. YouTube star Peter Waitzman is an expert at the side hustle. This session will make the case for how successful and life altering a side business can be for those living in low-incomes and how you can start your own side hustle.

Peter Waitzman

Lunch (Lunch address @ 1:15)

Most of us are striving for financial well-being in one way or another, and yet some people have greater success than others. Why is that? The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is committed to the financial education of Canadians and will share the findings from their recent survey on financial well-being in Canada.

Day 2 - morning closing / Introduction of concurrent sessions

Indigenous communities – Success stories from the field

(Concurrent session)
Join our panel of experts as they introduce financial literacy initiatives aimed at Indigenous people. Hear about AFOA Canada's Financial Wellness Framework and explanations around the relationship between financial literacy and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Finally, culturally relevant concepts used to build financial literacy capacity within Indigenous communities will be discussed.

Simon Brascoupé ; Joseph Phillips ; Helen Bobiwash, CPA, CMA, CAFM

Not-for-Profit – Sh*t happens – how to survive it

(Concurrent session)
Life is going to throw us curveballs – loss, frustration, disappointment, conflict, and sometimes even disaster. Resilience is not about avoiding stressors. It is about learning to bounce back from adversity, sometimes even better and stronger than before. This is not a gift given at birth to a select few. It is a skill that can be developed by anyone. In the not-for-profit world, when sh*t hits the fan, there will be more demand for services and less resources to do it all. In this session, we not only talk to you about practical approaches but we will provide to you free resources so you can help others flex their resilience muscles. This can be used in your organization, as a session you provide to others, or with those you care about.

Mary Ann Baynton

Trending topics – The bottom quintile

(Concurrent session)
Does the Canadian dream exist? Canadians are worried about money, despite a rising economy. Will this be a premonition or a self-fulfilling prophecy? Dr. Jerry Buckland has been working with Canadians living on a low-income through the family diaries project. Is the Canadian economy really improving for all Canadians, especially those in the bottom quintile?

Dr. Jerry Buckland ; Janet Mowat

Refreshment break / Exhibitor booths open

Day 2 prize draw

Indigenous communities - Creating and Supporting Indigenous Entrepreneurship

(Concurrent session)
There are two undeniable truths. The first is that the Indigenous population is the only growing demographic in Canada. The second is that Indigenous economic development and participation would boost Canada’s economy by $27.7 billion annually. This panel, stemming from Indigenous banking to front line activists, will discuss the challenges hindering these Communities from fully participating in our economy and how we can tap into and build this powerful resource to ensure that Canada weathers the next global recession and comes up on top.

Relay Tangie CPA, CGA ; Danielle Levine

Not-for-Profit – Innovative Partnerships: Taking Small Steps to Create Greater Impact

(Concurrent session)
Many organizations work to improve the lives of Canadian families living on modest incomes. It is in fact a journey, as SmartSAVER has found over the last 10 years, helping to level the playing field by creating more opportunities for children to access federal education savings grants. Join them on their quest on how they brought an innovative idea to life through their approach to partnerships. They will share the highs and lows - including hitting barriers, building band-aid solutions, strategically aligning with existing and new partners, and (eventually) launching and scaling innovative change. SmartSAVER’s story highlights the critical role that foundations, nonprofits, and individuals can play as network leaders, bridging disconnected organizations and institutions to support social innovation. This presentation will help organizations and individuals to carve their own path as they turn great social change ideas into realities.

Luke Connell

Trending topics – Even the Credit Score: Myths and Truths in an Era of Data Breaches

Canadians can find their credit scores on an ever-increasing number of websites and apps. The resulting progress in financial literacy is tempered by the proliferation of myths and misunderstandings around credit scores. In this behind-the-scenes tour of credit scores, you'll learn why the same person can have different scores (even from the same credit bureau!), why hard inquiries can affect a credit score, how mortgage and car loan applications may affect scores differently from credit card applications and how long various pieces of information on a credit file can affect an individual's credit scores.

With data breaches in the headlines, many Canadians are concerned about the risk of identity theft. Learn about some of the common tools provided by companies to their customers and victims and how they work to help identify signs of identity theft.

Julie Kuzmic

Day 2 closing