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This is the agenda for Day 1
Day 1
7:30 - 8:30
Registration and Breakfast

8:30 - 9:30
Opening Keynote Address: Playing to Win Amidst Disruption

Speaker: Peter Tertzakian, Executive Director, ARC Energy Institute

Technological change, environmental pressures, social activism, geopolitics and other forces are disrupting the energy industry at large. What does the future for the competing energy systems — coal, oil, gas, nuclear and renewables hold? The first step in understanding is identifying the disruptions and their impacts on the landscape. Everyone is playing to win. Peter Tertzakian explains the game and what the energy suppliers of the future must do to win.

Peter Tertzakian

9:35 - 10:35
The Robots have Arrived.

Moderator: Nabeel Pabani, Partner, Assurance and Financial Accounting Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP
Panelists to date: Greg Freidin, General Manager Consolidated Reporting & Control, Suncor Energy; Matthew Harmsworth, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has seen hyper-demand and hyper-growth over the last five years, and is starting to be more common in the Oil and Gas industry, touting promises of huge savings and process efficiencies. There have been some spectacular wins, but plenty of disappointments. This has led many companies to approach automation with caution, implementing small, contained projects that may actually stifle the greater benefits that could be realized with an enterprise-wide plan.

This panel discussion will showcase the various perspectives of stakeholders involved with a RPA project.

Nabeel Pabani

10:35 - 10:50
Networking Break

10:50 - 11:50
Concurrent Sessions:

Understanding insider threat

Speaker: Harm Cassam, Associate Partner, Fraud Investigations and Dispute Services

As the energy market recovers and compliance become a focus of many energy firms, organizations take careful measures to protect their critical assets from external risks. However, they often remain vulnerable to threats from inside their organizations, Insider Threat. By studying behavioral changes, detecting routine variations and hidden relationships, companies can more effectively monitor inappropriate behaviour and potential insider risks. This presentation will touch on ‘red flags’ within the energy sector and discuss what can we done to identify and potentially prevent these inappropriate behaviours from occurring and/or continuing. It offers insight into the causes of insider threat and provides guidance on implementing controls to prevent and detect malicious breaches by insiders.

The Evolution of Reserves Engineering

Speaker: Jared Wynveen, Executive Vice President, McDaniel and Associates Consultants Ltd.

Reserves engineering is quickly evolving to account for resources from unconventional resource plays and account for carbon taxes, leases and macro-economic changes. Join us for a discussion on how these changes are impacting their reserves evaluation process, and recoverable reserves.

11:50 - 12:30
Networking Reception

12:30 pm
Guest Speaker: Honorable Minister Ceci

Known as one of Alberta’s most effective municipal leaders, Joe is the President of Treasury Board and the Minister of Finance. He is widely admired for his ability to bring diverse coalitions together, and for his ongoing commitment to build Calgary’s social and economic infrastructure.

12:40 - 1:40

1:45 - 2:45
Concurrent Sessions:

Accounting Standards Update

Speaker: Michel Charbonneau, Member, Canadian Accounting Standards Board

The Accounting Standards Board (AcSB) has recently endorsed and make available for use in Canada a number of large and complex IFRS® Standards, including financial instruments, revenue and leases. Together, these Standards rival the transition to IFRS Standards itself in terms of the adoption effort. Learn about the new requirements and the International Accounting Standard Board’s major projects. Hear how the AcSB influences the development of IFRS Standards and supports their implementation in Canada, including their to emerging topics like cloud computing and cryptocurrencies. This session will also outline key developments in U.S. GAAP.

Michel Charbonneau

Carbon Pricing in Canada: Changing Perspectives

Speakers: Ben Traore, Manager, Indirect Tax, KPMG and Jeff G. Smith, Manager, Indirect Tax, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change introduced a minimum price on carbon that must be all provinces and territories. However, there has been a varied response across Canada as to how this should be implemented resulting in an fragmented, and in some cases uncertain, approach to carbon pricing and policy across the nation. This presentation will explore the impact of this fragmentation and uncertainty on business strategy, budgeting and investment potential.

2:45 - 3:10
Networking Break

3:10 - 4:10
Control Considerations for Evolving Cyber Risks

Speaker: Ivan de O Alcoforado Junior, and Jeff Thomas, Partners, KPMG

Having an adequate set of cyber controls is a critical part of a healthy enterprise control framework. Keeping up with cyber threats and risks, however, can be an unique challenge given their pace of change and evolving nature. This presentation will talk about some of the current cyber trends and discuss cyber controls that can be utilized to keep risks at bay. We’ll discuss examples and provide insights to help improve your control framework.

This is the agenda for Day 2 Agenda
Day 2 Agenda
7:30 - 8:30
Networking breakfast

8:30 - 9:30
Blockchain for the Energy Sector

Speaker: Dan Giurescu, Founder, Terrahub

As competition grows, margins decrease and our reliance on technology grows greater every day. Learning how to perform correct assessments and choosing the most profitable technology projects becomes critical to any business. Blockchain has emerged in the last two years as the technology with the most potential for disruption. It impacts how we run our businesses and blurs competitor lines. Join us to gain a non-technical understanding and current examples of industrial blockchain and the impact on the energy industry.

9:35 -10:35
Is your Finance Workforce Ready?

Speakers: Narmin Vasanji, Partner and Sunil Sharma, Manager, KPMG Advisory Services

Businesses are going through an unprecedented amount of disruption and the acceleration of digital transformation is redefining the skills, roles and structure of the Finance workforce. The implementation of Extreme Automation technologies like Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain are having a widespread impact across all industries. The level of preparedness of organizations and its employees to respond to this change will ultimately be the differentiator in a highly competitive market. We will share practical advice to help you prepare yourselves and your Finance teams to turn disruption into opportunity for your organizations

10:35 - 10:50
Networking Break

10:50- 11:50
Concurrent Sessions:

ASC Regulatory Update: Enhancing securities regulations outside the GAAP

Speakers: Lara Gaede, Chief Accountant and CFO, and Cheryl McGillivray, Manager, Corporate Finance, Alberta Securities Commission

High-quality corporate reporting is a building block for sound capital markets. Securities regulations are evolving, as investors demand and companies disclose more information outside the financial statements. Lara Gaede, CFO and Chief Accountant, will provide an in-depth look at the proposed non-GAAP rule that will shape the future reporting of key performance indicators and Cheryl McGillivray, Manager, Corporate Finance, will address the growing investor demand for climate change-related disclosure, and the call for a reduction in regulatory burden.

Lara Gaede ; Cheryl McGillivray

Managing Partner RIsks

Speakers: Michelle Willis, Senior Manager, Finance Upstream Operations; Hope Bishop, Senior Manager, Joint Venture Agreements, and Gail Pilling, Manager, Joint Venture Accounting, Husky Energy

Upstream Oil & Gas Joint Venture Partnerships are becoming increasingly risky due to global economics. This session will cover why these partnerships exist, getting to know your partner and how to mitigate the risk of possible partner insolvency.

11:50 - 1:00
Lunch and Networking

1:00 - 2:00
Concurrent Sessions:

IFRS 16 – 2019 Leases Implementation is soon approaching!

Moderator: Nabeel Pabani, Partner, Assurance and Financial Accounting Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP
Panelists: Scott Bandura, Partner, PwC; Paula Overguard, Accounting Policy Research Analyst, Arc Resources Ltd.; Ashley Hearn, Manager Enterprise Accounting Research Enbridge Inc.

IFRS 16 is the highest impact standard since the adoption of IFRS. This session will provide an update on the most recent technical developments followed by a panel of industry members responsible for implementing IFRS 16 discussing practical implementation issues they are encountering.

Nabeel Pabani ; Scott Bandura ; Paula Overguard, CPA, CA

Trends and Developments Related to the Energy Transition

Speakers to date: Will Krüger, Senior Analyst, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young LLP

The term ‘energy transition’ has generally been used to help describe the emergence of a new low-carbon energy landscape. The term, however, lacks definitional clarity in the way it has been used in contemporary debate and analyses. Today, by introducing definitional clarity, industry observers will gain a clearer picture of the key drivers that will help shape our predictions for future energy scenarios. Out of this exercise will emerge two main conclusions: (1) That the O&G sector will continue to play an essential role in the energy sector for many decades to come; and (2) That the ‘energy transition’ will present O&G companies with attractive investment opportunities all along the full low-carbon energy value chain.

2:05 - 3:05
Concurrent Sessions:

Tax Update: Managing Turbulent times in the Oil & Gas Industry

Gil Ledershos, US Tax Practice Leader, Western Canada; Hetal Kotecha, International & Transaction Tax Partner, Natural Resources Industry Leader, and Charmaine Goddeeris, Senior Manager Customs & Trade, BDO Canada LLP

Canadian oil and gas companies are dealing with an every changing environment on how they conduct business in Canada and abroad. In particular, some of the more important changes include U.S. Tax Reform, the changing trade landscape including protectionist activities by both the Canadian and U.S government and NAFTA uncertainty. This session will focus on customs and trade matters with a particular focus on the following topics:
a) overview of current trade landscape-protectionist activities by both the Canadian and US government;
b) specific application of these activities to the oil and gas sector including identifying specific products that are targeted; and
c) actions / steps on how companies can respond to mitigate duty exposure; and d) update on NAFTA.

The session will also include a taxation update and discuss:
a) the latest and greatest on U.S. tax reform with specific application to the oil & gas sector;
b) potential opportunities and challenges for companies with existing U.S operations or companies looking to make greenfield investments; and
c) any significant Canadian domestic developments, if any (i.e., fall economic update and other matters).

Effective Innovation in Commercial Assurance

Moderator: Doug Burcham, Partner, Risk Assurance Services, PwC
Panelists: Daniel Bassin, Director Vendor Audit, Suncor Energy Inc, Peter Roznicki, Director, Internal Audit, TransCanada; and Greg Uwazny, Direcrtor of Contracts Assurance, Husky Energy

Getting value for money and maximizing the outcomes from contracts and spend with third parties is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. This is especially true when services/products and contractual charging mechanisms are complex, difficult to understand and lack transparency. Even where standard controls are in place, we often find that the value captured at the procurement/negotiation stage has been eroded over time, leaving significant gaps between the perceived value and the value actually realized. This is typically referred to as Commercial Assurance, and in the past has been primarily focused on post executed contract assessments and reviews.
Commercial Assurance is much more than a contract review or assessment process. It is about ensuring the delivery of the promises your vendors make and leveraging sustainable savings from those relationships through a value-adding commercial assurance framework.
What are the latest innovations in assurance that your company is realizing the values with your third party agreements, and what additional effective practices can be done?

3:05 - 3:20
Networking Break

3:20 - 4:20
Closing Keynote: Success in the Innovation Age - Navigating Change

Speaker: Jim Bottomley, Entrepreneur, Futurist, Management Consultant

We’ve entered a new economy where technology transforms and the strategies for future success are changing like never before. After 30+ years as a futurist looking at the interplay between trends and their impact on human needs, Jim brings his unique perspective to the Oil and Gas Industry, recommending future success strategies. Drawing on experiences as a serial entrepreneur and consultant working across sectors, Jim addresses the stress of change by stimulating innovative rethinking towards planning and leading in this time of disruption. Jim’s style is fast-paced, high-energy and uplifting.

Jim Bottomley

This is the agenda for
2018 Conference Program Advisory Committee
Thank you to the 2018 Advisory Committee Members:

Scott Bandura, Partner, PwC LLP

Timothy Chan, Manager, Crude Accounting, Suncor Energy Ltd

Jeff Dashkin, Financial Analyst, Husky Energy

Kevin Hamm, Manager, Accounting Standards & Special Projects, Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Jassie Kang, Partner, Audit, KPMG LLP

Jim Medeiros, Lead Principal, Financial Reporting, Professional Programs, CPA Canada

Nabeel Pabani, Partner, Assurance and Financial Accounting Advisory Services, Ernst & Young, LLP

Alice Seto, Manager, Cash Planning & Investments, Suncor Energy Ltd.

Scott Bandura ; Timothy Chan ; Jeff Dashkin ; Kevin Hamm, CPA, CA ; Jassie Kang ; Jim Medeiros ; Nabeel Pabani ; Alice Seto, CPA, CA