UWCISA symposium 2017 on audit data analytics, audit automation, other emerging issues

Register for the University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance (UWCISA) 10th Biennial Symposium.

Event Details

Location and date:
Toronto October 19-21, 2017

The UWCISA symposium is recognized for the extensive interaction you will experience between practitioners and academics. Papers and expert panels will be presented addressing risks, controls, assurance and emerging issues.

Members of CPA Canada’s Audit Data Analytics Committee will also host a panel on audit data analytics, including perspectives from practitioners and academics working in this area. The committee conducts research and delivers quality thought leadership and guidance in audit data analytics, an area of strategic importance to CPA Canada, which supports audit innovation.

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You will learn about:

  • audit automation
  • cybersecurity risk disclosure and assurance
  • data visualization
  • IT controls
  • blockchain technology
  • data analytics
  • text analytics
  • IT governance and online communities

More Details:

Venue[s] and Accommodation[s]


Renaissance Hotel
One Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J4


Toronto - Renaissance Hotel
One Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V 1J4


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CPA Canada Customer Service Support
Tel: 416-977-0748 or Toll Free 1-800-268-3793