The family trust guide: Helping your clients understand family trusts

Introduce your clients to an important vehicle that can help them achieve their financial goals in both tax and estate planning.

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The Family Trust Guide provides over 70 pages of discussion in straightforward language that can help your clients more knowledgeably consider the tax and estate planning benefits of creating a family trust and be better prepared to discuss their plans with you, their tax advisor.

Your clients will learn:

  • what a trust is
  • how a trust is formed
  • the income tax rules that affect a trust
  • how a trust is taxed
  • how to use a family trust to achieve financial goals
  • how a trust can be used to administer assets and save on taxes

In addition to its easy-to-understand examples, the guide includes an instruction checklist for the preparation of a family trust which will help your clients organize their thoughts and documents before meeting with you to discuss their plans.

A marketing tool for your firm

Available in packages of five, 10 or 25 booklets for cost-effective distribution to clients, The Family Trust Guide has a distinctive “Compliments of” space on the back cover, so you can attach your business card or personalized label as a reminder of your value-added services.


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