Tax planning using family trusts: The essential guide to understanding family trusts

Learn about the concepts behind the taxation of family trusts in Canada and the use of trusts in tax planning. This guide presents a thorough discussion as well as methodology.

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Both a self-study program and comprehensive information resource, Tax Planning Using Family Trusts is designed to help accountants and other professionals involved with trusts. It examines the taxation of trusts as a tax-planning vehicle, and discusses the issues from the perspective of a professional who advises clients.

You will learn about:

  • common uses of family trusts
  • tax issues that can arise
  • types of trusts available
  • taxation of personal trusts
  • non-tax reasons for using a trust
  • tax and business reasons for using a trust
  • and more

The use of real-world situations and case studies with solutions will help to improve your knowledge and understanding of the tax-planning concepts presented throughout the book.

The guide includes:

  • helpful practice tips
  • useful self-study questions 
  • insightful real-world situations
  • challenging case studies


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