The personal tax planner guide: Helping you build your firm’s brand

The Personal Tax Planner Guide helps keep new and prospective clients informed of pertinent tax planning strategies for the current tax year.

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A practical marketing tool for distribution to clients

Help your current and prospective clients stay informed of pertinent tax planning strategies for the current tax year with The Personal Tax Planner Guide. Cost-effective and easy-to-understand, this handy guide makes it easy for you to connect with clients and provide them with a framework that will help them work with you on the issues that matter.

Topics include:

  • what’s new
  • business income
  • employment income
  • investment income
  • other income
  • estate planning
  • U.S. federal income tax
  • personal deductions
  • income splitting for families

Early bird offer

Personalize the cover of The Personal Tax Planner Guide with your firm’s contact name and/or logo and help clients take notice of the services you provide as a financial advisor throughout the year. Until July 29, 2016, order personalized copies and receive 50% off the regular price of personalization. 


  • sold in multiples of 25
  • 50% off early bird pricing ends July 29, 2016
  • regular cost for text-only personalization is $265; personalization with logo is $315
  • personalization is available until September 16, 2016
  • minimum order for personalized copies is 100 copiesorders ship October 2016

Email  your sales representative for details or call 1-855-769-0905.


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