Global indirect taxes: Trends, issues and implications

To help you understand recent developments in global indirect taxes and how they may affect your accounting practice, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is providing you with access to this report on the subject from Ernst & Young (EY).

Being effective as an accountant means staying current on new trends and issues relating to indirect taxes. Better understand key worldwide developments in this arena and the potential implications for your practice with this January 2014 EY report, Indirect Tax Briefing: A review of global indirect tax developments and issues .

What you will learn

This comprehensive 84-page document covers topics such as:

  • how worldwide cloud computing is affecting indirect taxes
  • the business and tax considerations of global carbon regimes
  • the arrival of GST in Malaysia
  • the introduction of cash accounting in Bulgaria
  • the new free trade agreement between Singapore and the Gulf Cooperation Council