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Tax resources for CPAs

Continue to advance your tax knowledge with these resources, including webinars, conferences, courses and publications. Created for CPAs and the broader tax community, our resources will help you stay current on changing tax laws.

Acting in the public interest, our tax group influences the development of an equitable, effective and efficient tax system in Canada. We are dedicated to delivering timely guidance and insights on existing and future tax matters, and have created this resource center to provide you quick access to all things tax-related, such as:

Tax webinars

2024 Federal Budget Debrief (April 17, 2024)
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland tabled this year’s federal budget on April 16, 2024. Watch CPA Canada’s Federal Budget 2024 Debrief, wherein John Oakey, VP of Tax, and David-Alexandre Brassard, chief economist, share their post-budget analysis. In addition, don’t forget to download the Tax Highlights document.

CRA Update on Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program (April 2, 2024) 
CPA Canada co-hosted a webinar with the CRA to review updates to the SR&ED program. In this session, the CRA provided an overview of the program results from 2023, and highlighted upcoming initiatives that will transform it. They also responded to some key questions  from CPA Canada's SR&ED Committee. 

Running a High-Quality Tax Practice: The ONE Conference 2021 (November 19, 2021)
Tax legislation and administration is increasingly complex, bringing more risk for those who provide tax services to their clients. Find out what the most common, current sources of insurance claims filed against tax practitioners are and learn simple but effective strategies and best practices to mitigate these risks.

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Tax education

In-Depth Tax Program (New cohort begins Fall 2024) – Website coming soon
Looking to advance your career in tax? Deepen your knowledge with CPA Canada’s In-Depth Tax Program. It provides an unparalleled learning and development experience for professionals who are serious about a career in taxation. This transformational three-year program delivers unrivalled results for students and their organizations. NOTE: Registration for the September 2023 course has closed. Please check back in the summer for the next round of applications.

Commodity Tax Symposium 2024 (October 28-29, 2024) – Website coming soon
Connect with the best and brightest at CTS 2024, brought to you by experts in indirect tax. From October 28-29, 2024, in Ottawa, ON & virtually, you’ll be able to learn about the latest changes to indirect tax policies. Find out what you can expect for updates to legislation and compliance, along with best practices for professionals in Canada’s evolving economic landscape.

In-Depth Corporate Reorganizations (New cohort begins Fall 2024) – Updates coming soon 
Building on the corporate reorganization concepts introduced in In-Depth Tax, this intermediate in-residence course covers the most recent technical amendments, current issues, techniques and strategies for corporate reorganizations.

In-Depth GST/HST Program – Part 1 (New cohort begins Fall 2024) – Updates coming soon 
The In-Depth GST/HST Program, designed for serious indirect tax professionals in Canada, is the industry standard for training. In Part I, you will develop foundational knowledge and skills to navigate various indirect tax issues.

In-Depth International Tax (New cohort begins Fall 2024) – Updates coming soon 
Building on the international tax concepts covered in the In-Depth Tax Program, this in-residence course expands on the basic issues surrounding the taxation of foreign operations. You will learn about the most effective planning strategies to minimize tax for businesses that have expanded, or are considering expansion, outside of Canada.

Income Tax for the General Practitioner (New cohort begins Fall 2024) – Updates coming soon 
This in-residence course provides an overview of the foundational elements of, and highlights critical issues in, current tax legislation that general practitioners commonly encounter and need to understand.

Tax Resources for Practitioners 
Explore a fresh roundup of high-quality resources offered in partnership with EY. These reference materials are produced by accounting experts and updated regularly to support your work as a CPA. 

Tax Suite
Tax Suite is a current and comprehensive Canadian tax news and research package for income tax, GST/HST and provincial taxes. The package provides you with superior customer service and the convenience of accessing your tax resources on the same easy-to-use technology platform as your CPA Canada Handbook:

EY’s Complete Guide to GST/HST, 2023
This leading guide is a comprehensive two-volume set that offers commentary and analysis, as well as the annotated Excise Tax Act. It is written in plain language and organized by topic.

EY’s Federal Income Tax Act
This guide is available in a variety of formats. This year’s update contains proposed and passed legislative changes to the Income Tax Act and regulations consolidated to March 1, 2024.

Federal income tax collection
Finding tax information has never been easier. Current and comprehensive Canadian federal income tax content and easy-to-use search technology combine to meet the rigorous demands of today’s tax professional. Pick the level of coverage you need.

EY’s Guide to Preparing 2023 Personal Tax Returns
Written by tax professionals for tax professionals, EY’s Guide to Preparing 2023 Personal Tax Returns includes a summary of what’s new for the 2023 taxation year, as well as tips, suggestions and reminders to consider when preparing personal tax returns.

Online tax learning
Find online courses, webinars, podcasts and virtual classrooms related to tax in our new learning library and upskill to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Policy and advocacy
Good public policy seeks to enhance our society and economy. We are proud to contribute to the dialogue with government, parliamentarians and other stakeholders on a range of issues that matter to all Canadians.

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