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Tax news

Temporary Wage Subsidy — How it works
March 2020

The federal government is offering a Temporary Wage Subsidy to help employers weather the COVID-19 crisis. Read our summary to find out which businesses qualify, how they can access this relief and more details.

Federal government releases information on COVID-19 tax relief
March 2020

The measures announced by the federal government in response to the COVID-19 crisis are a step in the right direction to support Canadians. CPA Canada continues to work with the government to clarify all tax deadlines. 

Paying non-resident GST/HST by wire: CRA changes payment details
January 2020 

If you have clients who are non-residents without a Canadian bank account and they make GST/HST payments by wire transfer, dont get caught by a change announced in the fall of 2019 by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CRA now requires different information and account details for non-resident GST/HST payments (excluding security deposits) paid by wire transfer, so using the old details could prevent the CRA from receiving payment.

Your non-resident clients can avoid late penalties and interest by using the new wire transfer details for GST/HST payments on the CRA website.

CRA improves processes for authorizing tax reps 
November 2019

Members who practise tax will be glad to hear that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is significantly changing the T1 processes for authorizing tax representatives, based in part on input from CPA Canada’s Technology Working Group. The changes will be ready by February 2020 in time for the next personal tax season. The CRA has asked us to spread the word among our members who practise tax, so check out our handy summary of the revised T1 taxpayer representative authorization processes.

CRA digital services update
October 2019

See the latest updates to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)'s Digital Services to help improve your user experience.

When can shareholder-employees deduct expenses? 
August 2019

Until now, there has been some confusion over tax claims for auto and other work-related costs of shareholder employees, as our Tax Blog highlighted. CPA Canada raised the issue with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and the CRA developed draft guidance with our input to clarify how these rules apply. 

The CRA's guidance is now finalized. In a stakeholder email that the CRA asked us to share with our members, the CRA explains how shareholder-employees who meet two key conditions may be allowed to deduct employment expenses.

Tax on split income: New guidance 
August 2019 

Confused about how to comply with the tax on split income rules? Help is at hand.

The Canada Revenue Agency knows how complex these rules are and wants to provide guidance. The agency has been developing guidance and consulting CPA Canada on some of the more difficult aspects of the rules. The CRA consulted with CPA Canada on their latest guidance, which focuses on the rules for excluded shares.  It takes a deeper dive into these rules and provides some helpful examples. CPA Canada and its committees will continue to offer input as more new guidance is developed.

Tax preparers: CRA wants your feedback
August 2019 

As part of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)’s ongoing work to improve its digital services, the CRA is testing enhancements to its Represent a Client (RAC) service for taxpayers’ authorized representatives:  a re-designed client overview page on RAC for individual accounts. While the page’s functions remain the same, its look has been updated to improve tax preparers’ experience.

In a stakeholder email that the CRA asked us to share with our members, the CRA invites you to try out the beta version of the page and provide feedback on further improvements.

Shortcuts help you navigate CRA helplines
June 2019 

The CRA has produced a listing of shortcuts for navigating its helplines for individual income tax and business inquiries. These shortcuts allow you to bypass levels of press one for this, press two for that” by showing you the path that takes you to the right CRA agent directly.

These shortcuts can save you valuable time the next time you're locked out of My Account or My Business Account, correcting a misallocated payment, seeking info about business accounts, and in other common situations.

5 CRA service improvements you should be aware of
May 2019

From faster processing of T1 adjustments to the extended Officer Liaison Initiative, here's what you need to know.

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The future of Canadian tax practice
Technology is changing how governments administer their tax systems and how tax advisors serve their clients. Find out about some of the biggest changes and how they are shaping Canadian tax practices of the future.

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Tax webinars

CRA payroll audits: Are you ready?
If you offer your clients payroll services, you won't want to miss the Canada Revenue Agency’s webinar on its payroll examination process. Now available on the CRA Business Video Gallery website.

T1 e-Service enhancements and e-Service modernization updates (On-demand webinar)
Learn about service enhancements and changes for the T1 filing season and hear an update on CRA deliverables and their impact on CPAs.

Practitioner's pulse (On-demand webinar)
Learn about current developments that will affect your firm, including changes to CAS 540, recent CRA commentary on when T4A filings are required, and an updated on the 2019 federal budget.

Tax education

Lifelong learning in tax 2019-2020   
Boost your knowledge and keep your career moving forward with CPA Canada’s unparalleled options for tax education and resources.

EY's complete guide to GST/HST: Canada's leading guide on GST/HST
A comprehensive two-volume set, EY's Complete Guide to GST/HST offers commentary and analysis, as well as the annotated Excise Tax Act. Written in a plain language and organized by topic, the guide provides:

  • clear, authoritative guidance and extensive examples on GST/HST legislation and administrative practice
  • bold legislative marginal notes for easy reference
  • HST-impact sections discussing the rules in the harmonized provinces and where they differ from GST (and each other)
  • QST-GST comparisons

Tax Suite 
Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s Tax Suite is a current and comprehensive Canadian tax news and research package for income tax, GST/HST and provincial taxes. The package provides you with superior customer service and the convenience of accessing your tax resources on the same easy-to-use technology platform as your CPA Canada Handbook:

Tax committees

There are nine tax committees devoted to developing sound tax policies and administrative practices for Canadian and Canadian businesses. View the full list.

CPA – CBA joint committee

Through the Joint Committee on Taxation, CPA Canada collaborates with the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) to offer the federal government input on tax laws. View the full list of submissions.