Tax risk questionnaire: Self-assessment tool for best practices in tax

We developed this electronic self-assessment tool for small practitioners and CPA firms. It will help you review your practice management policies and processes, and help identify areas where you may face risk.

Use our Tax Risk Questionnaire* to identify key risk areas. Once those areas are identified, your professional accounting firm (PAF) can then modify its policies and processes to reduce exposure and incorporate best practices.

The Tax Risk Questionnaire will help tax practitioners:

  • assess areas of tax practice management risk
  • identify areas suggesting the adoption of best practices
  • address the key risk areas associated with the practice of tax
  • improve consistency and efficiency in their practice
  • modify their tax practice management policies/procedures to reduce risk of error in their practice

A compilation of Tax Risk Questionnaire responses will help CPA Canada:

  • identify specific areas of common tax risk
  • improve professional development resources and services
  • develop consistent guidelines for tax engagements
  • establish a database of best practices
  • provide further guidance and assistance in the area of tax

CPA Canada’s Tax Risk Management Guide

The Tax Risk Management Guide provides straightforward commentary and practice aids to help practitioners who provide tax services. Throughout the Tax Risk Questionnaire, references are made and links are provided to the Tax Risk Management Guide to aid in better understanding the issues associated with the particular area being addressed in the questionnaire.

If you currently subscribe to the online version of the Tax Risk Management Guide, you can access your subscription to link directly from the Tax Risk Questionnaire. If you do not have a current subscription, you will be granted a three-month free trial of the online version on Please note it is not necessary to have the Tax Risk Management Guide in order to access the Tax Risk Questionnaire.

Tell us what you think

CPA Canada will continue to review and improve the Tax Risk Questionnaire as we obtain feedback from PAFs across Canada. Accordingly, we ask that you upload your completed Tax Risk Questionnaire to CPA Canada’s database once it is complete – anonymously if you prefer. We will only ask you to name the province in which you practice so we can identify any common issues among practitioners in particular provinces. 

In order to continually improve this tool and its usefulness to PAFs across Canada, we strongly encourage you to provide your feedback within the Tax Risk Questionnaire before you submit it. Again, you can submit your input anonymously if you wish.

If you have questions or comments on the Tax Risk Questionnaire, please email us.

Please note:

The TRQ available at this time requires the use of Caseware 2015 or higher. However, a cloud version is being developed and will be released which will not require Caseware at all - simply an Internet connection. Accordingly, you may wish to defer accessing the TRQ until the cloud version is released in the summer of 2018.

Download the Tax Risk Questionnaire

CPA Canada provides the Tax Risk Questionnaire (“TRQ”) to assist you and your firm (the “Firm”) in evaluating the quality of the processes used by the Firm related to the provision of tax services. The TRQ is not necessarily all-encompassing in all circumstances and the information garnered from it is based on the completeness and accuracy of the answers to the questions provided, which CPA Canada does not verify. CPA Canada accepts no responsibility or liability of any kind that may occur directly or indirectly as a consequence of the download, installation, completion of, or reliance on the TRQ by the Firm.