How to apply new 2013 tax measures to corporate financial reports

To help you learn how to take into account the tax changes introduced in 2013 for corporate financial reporting, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is providing you with easy access to this useful resource from KPMG.

If you provide accounting services to corporations, it’s important for you to have a comprehensive understanding of certain new tax initiatives introduced in 2013. You can improve your knowledge on this topic and help your clients better manage their tax risks with this December 2013 KPMG article, “Tax Accounting Round-Up: 2013 Canadian Tax Changes.”  Published in TaxNewsFlash: Canada, the organization’s resource on selected tax policy and administrative developments, it explains when and how to reflect specific 2013 tax changes in your clients’ year-end financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards, accounting standards for private enterprises and U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.