Diversity within your organization: Questions directors should ask

Learn the potential business benefits of having a diverse workforce in your organization and how directors can foster, develop and enhance this diversity to make it a strategic advantage.

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Diversity is a strategic business issue, a tool for competitive advantage, a response to globalization and a key to workforce planning. Diversity can mean many things to your organization, but how well do you understand its implications? As a director, do you have a clear understanding of how diversity affects various areas of your board’s mandate?

Diversity Briefing: Questions for Directors to Ask examines many aspects of this topic, including:

  • How does greater diversity within your organization enhance innovation?
  • Is your company’s workforce and management succession planning inclusive?
  • How does your organization’s culture make you more attractive to preferred business partners from other cultures?
  • Are your company’s diversity initiatives linked to your organizational strategy?
  • How does your board composition compare to that of your employees?
  • What perspective is our board missing?