Strategic partnerships

Having grown in popularity in recent years, this series on strategic partnerships explains why they're important for meeting your enterprise's investment objectives and enhancing shareholder value.

Are you or your clients considering a strategic partnership with another organization? In the era of mega-mergers, you need to understand how these partnerships affect organizations, and why they're important for enterprise and shareholder value.

This resource examines potential partnerships and divides them into three categories according to the benefits and opportunities available to each partner. It also identifies the most common strategic objectives for forming partnerships and examines issues of control and performance measurement.

In this series, you will learn:

  • to meet your organizational investment objectives through effective planning, structuring and implementation
  • why strategic partnerships are important for enterprise and shareholder value, and why they sometimes fail to meet their intended objectives
  • how to increase the chance of meeting your organizational investment objectives through a strategic partnership
    • learn about effective planning, structure, and implementation and how to use this tool to effectively grow your organization
  • from two case studies of companies that sell information products on a subscription basis—a health care company and a scientific literature information organization

Learn more about and download the individual electronic publications, including an overview, guideline, and case studies, below.