20 questions on crisis management for directors: Are you prepared?

Examine questions board directors should ask to best mitigate or manage crisis situations in their organizations.

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Can you see a crisis coming and will you be ready when it hits? 20 Questions Directors Should Ask about Crisis Management will help directors lead constructive conversations about preparedness and business continuity. This practical guide includes examples of crises for organizations and the effect on the people involved.

Learn more about oversight of these three crisis groups:

  • operational incidents — day-to-day running the organization
  • sudden crises — events that occur unexpectedly and have a major effect on the organization
  • potential crises — serious problems that grow and become critical because they were not addressed early on

Discussion questions include:

  • What ongoing information does the board need to have about the crisis?
  • What should you tell stakeholders and the public?
  • How do you know if you should replace the CEO?
  • How can the company avoid a potential crisis by listening to customers and employees?
  • Do governance processes help the board detect early warnings of an impending crisis?
  • What are the plans for business continuity when a crisis hits?
  • What should you do — as a director — if you think the board is ignoring the signs of an impending crisis?