Long-term performance: Questions for directors to ask

Learn how to focus on enhancing longer-term corporate interests despite the immediate pressures of an economic downturn.

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Directors can easily lose sight of the company’s long-term performance in the midst of surviving market volatility in the short term. But you shouldn’t. As a director, you play a key role in ensuring the ongoing success of the organization.

Long-term Performance Briefing: Questions for Directors to Ask helps you anticipate and prepare for the ‘new normal’ by considering questions in a number of key areas.

Topics discussed include:

  • What management assumptions about the future (economy, capital markets, risk environment) underpin your business strategy?
  • What business strategies are your competitors likely to adopt in the future?
  • What assessments have been made about likely risks and their potential impact?
  • Are you missing any opportunities due to an overemphasis on downside risks?
  • What have you learned from the global financial crisis and how will it inform your future strategy?
  • If you reduced your workforce to survive a current crisis, will there be enough human resources to implement the post-recession long-term strategy?
  • Have you adequately addressed succession planning for the long term?