Drivers of change: Navigating the future

Plan today to manage tomorrow. What dialogue should organizations start today for a prosperous future? The purpose of this report is to spur discussion among leaders in business, not-for-profits and government.

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Looking out to 2030, what are the key challenges and opportunities for the Canadian and global business community?

We asked this, among other probing questions, to leaders in the profession, business, government, and academia across Canada to gain their perspective on how organizations can better prepare for the future. At a time when the world itself is in constant flux, organizations need to be more adaptable than ever before.

CPAs are in a unique position to provide leadership for organizations in this rapidly changing world. This report is intended as a resource to inform and educate CPAs and other leaders in business, not-for-profits and government on the global trends. The purpose of the report is to spur the necessary dialogue so organizations can better understand and respond to key areas driving change: economic, environmental, technological, societal, and geopolitical.