Drivers of change report

Plan today to manage tomorrow. What dialogue should business leaders start today for a prosperous future? The purpose of the report is to spur discussion amongst CPAs and their colleagues.

Looking out to 2030, what are the key challenges and opportunities for the Canadian and global business community?

We asked this question, among other probing questions, to leaders in business, academia and public life across the country to gain their perspective on how organizations can better prepare for the future. Their responses and insight will be incorporated in the upcoming report.

The Drivers of Change Report will discuss the different drivers of change and their related business implications. The purpose of the report is to spur discussion amongst CPAs and their colleagues to better understand the implications for their organization in key areas driving change: economic, environmental, geopolitical; technological, social and demographics.

Stay tuned for the Drivers of Change Report. Visit periodically for updates and to find out more on how CPAs will play an important role in this future environment.


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