Human resources and compensation committees: 20 questions directors should ask

The HR and compensation committee is what legislators, regulators and investors look at when they scrutinize boards of public companies. Learn to fulfill your oversight responsibilities in a proactive way in light of the changing executive pay and HR environment.

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Do you know how your human resources and compensation committee should be helping to shape and approve executive compensation and other HR planning? Are you ready to answer shareholder questions about the link between pay and performance?

20 Questions Directors Should Ask about the Role of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee discusses key areas that contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Questions include:

  • Do you know how to evaluate the pay-for-performance link?
  • What is your role when it comes to talent management and retention?
  • What are your responsibilities with respect to compensation disclosure?
  • How independent do your committee members have to be?
  • How do you structure your committee’s annual work plan and agenda?
  • How should you document your decision-making process? And should you conduct committee self-evaluations?
  • How should you use external advisors?