What not-for-profit board directors need to know about human resources

Understand the key responsibilities a not-for-profit organization’s (NPO) board of directors has in relation to human resources (HR). Explore hiring, evaluating and succession planning for key staff, setting executive director compensation and overseeing HR policies and practices.

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Getting HR right is important because of the material impact it can have on operations. Often compensation is the single greatest expense for an NFP and employment-related claims can be an area of great legal liability for your organization. Does your board understand its responsibilities when it comes to HR?

20 Questions Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations Should Ask about Human Resources offers directors an overview of the working knowledge they should have of their organization’s HR — as well as providing a perspective on the relevant legal requirements.

Topics include:

  • How do you support the executive director?
  • What is your responsibility when it comes to pensions?
  • What is the best way to ‘set the tone’ in terms of ethical practices and behaviours?
  • What relationships are acceptable when it comes to the organization and individuals providing services?
  • What are some of your potential liabilities as a director, with respect to employees?
  • What should you know about firing an employee?
  • How is your employment relationship different in a unionized environment?

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