How to become an effective director of a not-for-profit organization

If you've ever thought about becoming a director of a not-for-profit organization (NFP), this document explains the not-for-profit sector and illustrates the many ways accountants can make meaningful and rewarding contributions.

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Accountants on Board: A Guide to Becoming a Director of a Not-for-Profit Organization explores the rewards, responsibilities and other considerations related to serving as a director of an NFP.

Directorship of an NFP can be a highly rewarding experience — personally and professionally. Accountants have a great deal to offer and you will find that your expertise is highly valued.

Learn about the benefits of being part of an NFP board, including:

  • strengthening your leadership skills
  • gaining valuable governance expertise
  • expanding your professional networks
  • using your financial and business acumen in support of a worthy cause

Topics covered also include:

  • reasons for joining the board of a not-for-profit organization
  • understanding the not-for-profit sector
  • operations
  • governance and the role of directors
  • roles for accountants
  • finding the right NFP