Shareholder engagement: Questions directors should ask

Learn strategies and techniques to balance the benefits with the risks of engaging with shareholders.

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Shareholders want increased engagement with boards and leading companies are using new mechanisms and technologies to interact with shareholders. It is an important interaction because it increases shareholder confidence in your board’s oversight. But, there’s a catch.

What are the risks and benefits of shareholder engagement?

Boards need to respond to this international trend in ways that don’t compromise their mandate or their duties. Do you know the risks and benefits of your shareholder engagement? Are your directors trained and prepared to communicate effectively with shareholders?

Shareholder Engagement: Questions for Directors to Ask recognizes the importance of better shareholder engagement and offers a number of questions directors should ask to drive enlightened conversations on the topic.

Topics include:

  • How do other organizations perceive the robustness of your governance practices? How have you ranked over the years?
  • What is being said about your organization on social media?
  • Have you clearly defined the engagement responsibilities of management versus directors?
  • What are the risks of NOT engaging with certain categories of stakeholders?
  • Have you banked enough goodwill to engender shareholder support for a major transaction?
  • Do you receive a regular briefing from investor relations on the feedback it is receiving?